Holiday makers, start your engines! This is yet another sale worth racing for. It’s not an error, it’s not a gimmick, it’s a competitive fare in the heavyweight German market. So yes, to recap, this fare is from Germany (Berlin and other) to Hong Kong with a stopover in London for both directions. If you are in the UK you would need to snag a one way (cheap or points) flight to Germany to get set up. Once there you will receive an incredible amount of flying in Club World for £1125 round trip. 

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Deals like this are incredible, especially for those that need to stack up their miles or tier points before years end. I am seeing a wide variety of dates bookable at this rate from now through March, possibly beyond with excellent availability between December and February. The great thing about a deal like this to Hong Kong is firstly, it’s a magnificent city worth seeing before you die, second it puts you in a region where you can hop to places like Japan, Thailand or even Australia for cheap while on your trip to Hong Kong. You get all the long painful flying out of the way in a flat bed business for coach prices and then you make the most of your time on the Asian continent. 

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No tricks needed to get this one done. A simple search on the British Airways website will ring up these deals. I’ve discussed a few techniques of not needing to return to Germany, and just hopping off in London at the end but I will leave those to you to figure out. As always, thank the diligent and thoughtful community members at FlyerTalk for sharing the deal. Oh and though this is an amazing deal, if you were alert this morning you could’ve also snagged British Airways First to Sydney for even less : / It lasted under two hours so i’ll forgive you…

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