It’s been reported that British Airways is planning to offer an even lower fare type! Don’t get excited just yet. Following the success of recent unfriendly flier changes, British Airways are said to soon adopt a fare class which will exclude elite fliers regardless of how precious or common their metal (bronze, silver or gold) from lounges and priority boarding.

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I never like overpaying. If I am a high tier elite or an every day flier I want the best deal. The idea that I could be a $250,000 a year flier on British Airways and be denied lounge access or priority boarding based on my fare type for a specific trip would be laughable if it wasn’t also imminent. It’s been widely reported that the airline is preparing to introduce these fares within the calendar year. The real kicker here is for corporate travel which requires employees to book the lowest possible fares. When doing so, even the most precious metals will be forced to experience the airport like everyone else, despite their substantial loyalty. Take my avios or tier points, not my airport experience I’ve worked so hard for.

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Though I find just about every change terrible, I give British Airways credit for giving a few months of warning as to Avios earning and spending changes. Sadly in this instance I expect no warning and a lot of rhetoric about keeping lounge peaceful and stopping overcrowding. Are there too many elites? Probably. Will the Avios and Executive Club changes take care of that? Most likely. Why strip loyalty from those who are most valuable.

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