a stone structure with a city in the background
Edinburgh city in winter from Calton hill, Scotland, UK taken in 2015.
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Tis’ the season when you start to feel like the weather is dull, boring and you just want to get away. Places like Nice, Verona, Venice or Amsterdam sound a lot more fun, and if you’re into proper winter, Geneva is the perfect gateway to the alps. The thing all these places have in common is that they’re all available in a British Airways flash sale for between £48-£60 round trip, and there are more options too…

a city on the cliff

The British Airways Flash Sale

This flash sale centres around London Gatwick, with round trip fares lower than what most discount carriers charge, with the benefit of a loyalty program. However you slice it, £48 for a return trip to Nice or Verona is exceptionally good. So is £60 for Geneva, Amsterdam, Venice or Turin. The same fares apply for domestic flights from Gatwick to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Jersey.

To spell that out a bit clearer, you can fly round trip from London Gatwick too…

  • Nice, France or Verona Italy for £48 return.
  • Amsterdam, Geneva, Venice, Turin, Cologne or Dubrovnik for £60 return. 

The Dates You Can Travel

These deals are valid on select dates from now until March 29th, 2020. That gives you a wide range of dates to be flexible and book something amazing for cheap.

If you are thinking about cashing in on one of these flash sale offers, it’s definitely worth looking at the BA Holidays packages as well, since you may be able to wrangle two nights of five star hotel for only around £100 more per person.

a stone structure with a city in the background

How To Book These Flash Offers To Europe

A spontaneous getaway when the weather sucks always feels magical, and this is a nice opportunity to do so while still earning points, or enjoying the benefits of elite status. Check these offers out for yourself here on BritishAirways.com.

You’ll also see the flight and hotel deals at the bottom fo the sale page. To get your inspiration in gear, there’s Rome, Venice, Nice or Amsterdam with flights + 2 nights of hotel for £99 per person

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