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Whether you’re new to points or have been burning through them cleverly through years, it’s always great to learn a new way to save them- while elevating your travel. While most people pay 140,000 or more points for a standard round trip between two cities, you can make absolute magic with your Amex, SPG or Citi points, thanks to some sweet spots with a relatively new points transfer partner, as highlighted by a great family travel blog: PointsWithACrew.

a black wallet with a blue and black designYou Can Make These Points Instantly Using Amex, Citi or SPG…

By instantly- we may realistically mean 24 hours, but the point is: you can create these points without having to actually travel. That’s amazing. Your credit card purchases or previous hotel stays buying you an around the world business class ticket is nothing short of magic.

a pagoda with a mountain in the backgroundAnd You Can Really Customize Your Around The World Itinerary…

Unlike the last around the world we shared, which limited you to very specific locations, Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles program allows far more fun. You can start in any of these cities, making this around the world trip available to anyone around the world, who happens to have Amex, Citi or SPG points.

a city with a tall tower140,000 Points For Multiple Asian, U.S. And European Cities…

This is a nifty itinerary taking you on American, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines And Malaysian. You can start in Los Angeles, fly to Tokyo, then to Hong Kong, then Kuala Lumpur, then London and finally connect on from Paris to Chicago. Other cities like New York would work as well.

a bridge with lights shining through it160,000 Points For U.S, Asia, Middle East And Australia…

This is yet another amazing example using Qantas, Cathay, Qatar and Royal Jordanian. Does it get much better? I don’t think so. You can hit Los Angeles, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Doha, Amman and Chicago for just 160,000 points. That’s a lot of flying for not a lot of bucks.

an airplane with rows of seatsThis Is All Amazing, How Do I Research And Book?

PointsWithACrew did a phenomenal job putting all of this together. We’re just a messenger, spreading the good word. We could go into a long winded and less efficient way of explaining all of this, but it would be much easier if you just went to their post, which features how to book, how to search and any other questions you could possibly be interested in. After all, we’ve got a flight to Paris to catch. Follow along on Instagram.

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