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It feels good waking up to money back…

Amex and the UK have had a long standing “awkward”. Everyone loves earning Amex Points and using their Amex cards, but many merchants have historically refused to accept the card in the UK, due to higher acceptance fees. Amex has done their best to make things far less “awkward” for people who like to shop with American Express in the UK, and without a doubt – the best and most exciting example is “Shop Small”. This yearly initiatives gives cardholders money back when they shop at small businesses around the country – and that gets more small businesses opening their doors to Amex each year. Here’s how to get boat loads of £5 discounts…

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Amex cardholders can register each and every one of their Amex cards for “Shop Small” the feel good, lucrative promo of the year. At each “Shop Small” merchant, when you spend £10 or more, you get £5 back. You can only use this benefit once per merchant, but you can use it in as many merchants as you like from December 1st through December 16th, 2018. Yes, it’s unlimited £5 back for each cool new place you try out in your community, or anywhere in the UK on the list.

a man standing behind a counter in a restaurantIn Practicality

You go for your morning coffee, and buy one for a friend with a croissant or two – the total comes to £11. You get £5 back. You then go into your favorite local boutique and buy a £15 t-shirt, you’ll get another £5 back. You venture down to your favorite takeaway for dinner and spend £20, and yes, you’ll get another £5 back. Each new merchant, another £5 when you spend at least £10. From December 1-16, the more “Shop Small” merchants you visit, the more £5 credits will come flying back to your card. If you’re spending £10 in a store and get £5 back – they’re basically giving you 50% off everything “life” for 16 days. Love it.

a person holding a phoneHow To Register

As you’d hope – this is very easy. Simply register your card here before December 1st. How do you know which merchants count for the £5 (fiver) back? Easy. Amex has a map. All shops with the “Shop Small” logo will count and you can start stacking your £5 credits. That’ll be a fun 15 days indeed. Go support local businesses and show they why they decided to take Amex!

Will you take advantage of this great offer?

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