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Namaste, quarantined readers…

Gyms are one of those things people just don’t know how to feel about right now, but everyone needs wellness, health and exercise in their life, at least in some way. Responding to the wellness trend and the limited ability for card members to go out and exercise as they normally might, American Express is offering all US cardholders a variety of discounts and even gratis memberships in the health and wellness space.

New Amex Wellness Perks (2020)

Amex is giving all US card members a complimentary premium subscription to ‘Calm’, the app for sleep, stress reduction meditation exercises and relaxation.

The app typically costs $12.99 a month, or less for an annual membership, but all US cardholders who don’t currently have a premium membership with Calm can now enroll for one. This applies to both personal and corporate card holders.

a close-up of a credit cardGoing further, Amex has negotiated discounts for home workout and lifestyle equipment, including that really swanky rowing machine Hydrow. Here’s all the new wellness discounts available to all US Amex card members as of May 19th, 2020, via Amex Offers

  • Spend $15, get $12 off (up to 2x) with the fitness app Aaptiv (through 6/30/2020)
  • Spend $100 cumulatively, get $20 off functional fitness program P.volve (through 8/25/2020)
  • Spend $2,199, get $440 off with rowing machine Hydrow (5/26/2020 through 8/11/2020)

With so many unknowns, and few of them likely to change, a new focus on mental health is coming out of this global health crisis, and this move from Amex makes it easier, or certainly more affordable for people to dive into tools to decompress, relax, or even manage a few winks of sleep.

Until travel, dining and other elements of society return, it’s great to see Amex continuing to add value to card members in ways they can actually make use of, and not just with statement credits off of wine. It’s probably fair to say we’ve all had enough of that by now, whether we plan to change that or not.


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  1. Thinking of signing up for an Amex card specifically for the Hydrow deal. Does that discount apply to ALL types of Amex cards?

    1. I don’t want to over promise and under deliver, but it was specifically mentioned as something available to cardmembers. I’d maybe ask a friend who has the card you’re looking to get to perhaps check and make sure the offer is there? Cheers!

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