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If you’ve woken up to some of the brutal headlines from Ukraine, you can’t help but feel somewhat powerless and dejected. It’s awful. But as humanity tends to do in the darkest of times, a rally of support for Ukraine is growing.

American Express and PayPal are now doubling down on their efforts, quite literally in fact, as the card giant matches member points donations to the PayPal Humanitarian Relief Fund.

If you donate your American Express Membership Rewards Points to support the fund, Amex will match the cash value of the points, dollar for dollar, until June 15th, 2022.

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Use Amex Points To Support Ukraine

Points can unlock many of the best experiences in life, but sometimes using them for good can feel equally good, if not a whole lot better. Travel is precious, but sometimes there are bigger things.

Amex and PayPal have collaborated to allow American Express customers who earn Membership Rewards Points to use those points for donations to support Ukraine with humanitarian relief. This includes the Red Cross, Save The Children and more.

Under the program, Membership Rewards holders can use points at a rate of $70 per 10,000 points. For each donation, Amex will then match the dollar amount, resulting in $140 in relief for every 10,000 points redeemed through June 15th.

Sure, points could carry more value by transferring them to airline partners, but that’s not exactly the point here, is it? This is about doing good, and using points to raise real funds to help people in need — is good.

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How To Donate Amex Points In Support Of Ukraine

PayPal has an easy to use link where you can login and setup your donation in just a few seconds. You basically choose the charity or organization you’d like to support and then setup the donation amount.

Again, 10,000 points donates $70 and Amex is matching that $70 for a total of $140 per 10,000 points donated. A 20,000 point donation would bring $280 in support, and so forth. Here’s how PayPal and Amex describe the process…

How to Use Membership Rewards® Points Towards Your Donation

Step 1 – Select an organization from the list above to which you’d like to support
Step 2 – Enter your donation amount and input your Membership Rewards enrolled American Express® Card
Step 3 – Select “Pay with Rewards” and apply points to your donationAmex & PayPal

If you feel like helping, who knows how much value your points can bring. It’s hard to quantify just how horrible the suffering in Ukraine is right now, and how valuable each and every effort to help families, children and communities in need, can be.

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