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If you’re not already locked down, you probably will be soon. That’s the bad news, and the world is struggling to cope. The good news, however, is that there are new spending offers out from Amex, which make it easier to stomach signing up to every streaming service on earth, or order take out every day.

Yes, Amex quite literally has a slew of new offers to perfectly pair with your quarantining, and they’re worth checking out…

American Express Lobby CaptureMiles to Memories has a brilliant post outlining all the Amex offers to help you quarantine like a boss, from 10% back on Grubhub and Seamless delivery orders to $20 back from Blue Apron when you spend $50 or more.

They’re really easy – you login to your account, you register the offers and when you spend money using your Amex card, you get a percentage of set amount of money back. Right now, they’ve cherry picked things you probably need to keep your sanity!

Perhaps most importantly, if you’re spending more than your usual allotment of time with family, there are even offers on wine delivery, like $30 back when you spend $100 or more on There are similar offers from with $20 off spend of $50 or more.

When you’ve ordered all the take out and finished all the wine, there’s a solid collection of streaming offers as well, including rebates on Showtime, $20 off when you spend $40 on FuboTV, $5 back when you spend $9 or more on CBS All Access and more. Here’s a great round up of the offers.

So how do you check which offers are on your account? It’s easy.

Amex offers can be checked by logging into your account and checking the dedicated offer page. Amex claims that over $725 million has been saved by cardmembers taking advantage of these spending incentives, which certainly ain’t chump change.

If they save you money on things you want or need, to keep you and your family members sane during extended time at home, we’re all in. Bring on more offers, from other banks too!

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