a landscape with clouds and mountains

Some of the best views on earth can only be reached on foot, reserving the very best pictures to those willing to put a little legwork in. Truth be told, it’s tough to stay fit while traveling, so we’ve compiled a list of breathtaking hikes in top destinations, sure to get the blood flowing and the jet lag kicked.

a path on a mountain with a city in the backgroundLion’s Head, Cape Town

With stunning views of Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles and Camps Bay, this is the perfect Cape Town hike- and one that locals suggest. The trail is a magnificent screw top, going around the mountain as you ascend, offering 360° views of all the beauty that surrounds you. A guide is not needed and it’s just a short taxi or Uber ride from the city to the start of the trail.

a power lines on a hillRunyon Canyon, Los Angeles

If you want those endless sunset views of Los Angeles- just like in the movies, this is the spot. If the Hollywood sign is what you’re after- this is also your spot. Runyon Canyon, LA’s iconic hike is doable for all levels, is safe, friendly and fun. You’re likely to see people working out, walking their dogs, or maybe even a celebrity spot.. but really it’s all about the view!

a landscape with clouds and mountainsMount Batur, Bali

If you’re not a morning person, you may want to skip this one- but you’ll definitely be missing out. The best experience this hike has to offer begins at about 3:30 AM, offering time for hikers to reach the summit of the (active) volcano before sunrise. There are guides ready to take you up and you’ll need to focus on your stepping in the dark.. but my-oh-my, it’s all worth it when you get to see the truly gorgeous view and one of a kind sunrise from the top.

Geirangerfjord in a riverFjord, Norway

There are a few different options here, but honestly in Norway’s Fjord’s you can’t really go wrong. There are hikes of varying lengths to fit all levels, and whichever you choose, each route is pretty spectacular. You can hike along the many fjords, climb through the mountains and enjoy the national parks overlooking the narrow water below. Have your camera at the ready for the numerous rainbows that love to photobomb the best views! 

Mount Kilimanjaro with snow on topKilimanjaro, Tanzania

This is one to tick off the bucket list! Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and approximately 35 miles to the top. There are a range of routes you can take to suite your fitness level, and although it will be hard.. sitting at the summit and taking in the view and what you’ve achieved will be absolutely worth it. Of course you can always just putter around the base, enjoying the fresh mountain air. Many companies offer expert guides to take you all the way, so do your research.

a rocky path in a forestMilford Track, New Zealand

Let’s start by saying that the Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With photo opportunities around every corner and hikes that can range from an hour to a few days, there’s something for every level of fitness and adventure on New Zealand’s South Island. Enjoy the wildlife along the way as well as deep lakes, jagged peaks, lush forests and endless stunning scenery. This is a must for a New Zealand trip.

a path on a cliff with a fence and a body of waterSentiero Degli Dei, Amalfi Coast

Known modestly as ‘The Path of the Gods’, you’re instantly given a pretty good indication of the spectacular scenery that lays in store. With stunning views of the Amalfi Coast and Capri, the hike is manageable and well marked, taking roughly 3 hours from start to finish. Of course this can vary, depending on how many photos or glasses of delicious Italian wine you stop for along the way.

a group of people walking on a trail on a mountainDragon’s Back, Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong can be a crazy, busy city, so it’s nice to find a bit of peace and tranquility without venturing too far from the center. This brilliant path loops through stunning woodlands, where  you’ll also catch amazing views of the endless beaches, bays and the South China Sea. The path is doable in a couple of hours, but can be extended if you wish to keep going. Just remember it can get pretty hot and humid.. so come prepared.

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  1. So you climb mt batur. I can guarantee that sunrise over mt bromo is more exciting + pony ride at top of mountain….

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