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Vamonos pues!

In case your Spanish isn’t all that great – vamonos pues means “let’s go then”. It’s fitting, because even if you didn’t have plans to visit Spain, these flight deals are incredibly tempting. We’re used to seeing super low economy fares, but to see comfortable premium economy, which is often way better than domestic first class for under $800 round trip is fantastic. You get checked bags, you get better comfort and really – it’s a great way to fly. For the price, it’s almost unbeatable.

Madrid_plaza_mayorThe Premium Flights To Madrid

Madrid is a traveller favourite for more reasons than can be explained. It’s the lovely Mediterranean weather, rich food and dining culture, incredible art galleries, idyllic city parks and late night wine bars which make it a place that you just don’t want to leave. But then, Barcelona is a traveller favourite too, for many of the same reasons, but with the important side note of world class beaches, like a Rio De Janeiro of Europe.

Whichever city you’re after, Oneworld airlines American, Iberia and British Airways have absurdly good deals from both coasts of the USA under $800 round trip. Premium economy is a huge travel upgrade from economy, with at least 6” of extra recline, loads more legroom, at least one checked bag, larger entertainment screens and better service.

These deals are available from: New York, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago San Francisco and more.

a row of grey chairs in a planeThe Dates You Can Fly To Spain

Talk about wide open! These premium economy offers are available from September 2019 through May 2020, with bountiful dates in each and every month. If you want to lock in the lowest prices, you’ll do best if you depart the USA on a Monday, Tuesday or Sunday in most months, but in Jan, Feb or March you can literally pick any day to jet off at the lowest prices.

One week trips bring the very lowest prices, but for about $20 more, you can stay just one Saturday, allowing for all sorts of long weekend options. Follow this jet lag diet advice and you might not even get jet lag!

a large building with towers and a body of waterHow To Book These Flights To Madrid or Barcelona

Without further ado, here are links to the flight deals from each city. If you happen to be a frequent flyer, don’t forget that booking premium economy can be one of the best tricks to get business class upgrades, since it puts you in the smallest cabin, which the airline is eager to up-sell people to. When they do, they might need to move you up to business class. Just click, change the dates to something that works for you and enjoy…

Upgrade to business class: If you happen to book with British Airways, you can use Avios to upgrade any premium fare, provided there’s space in business. Generally speaking you’re looking at about $100 and 20,000 points each way. Here’s a complete guide with how to upgrade.

If you’re not sure which city to aim for, here’s a great guide which weighs the two and will help you decide. If you’re going to Madrid, here’s how to spend 48 hours there living the dream, and a few tips which are good things to know before arriving.

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