You know those people who look happy boarding an airplane? It’s most likely because while you’ve been sitting on an airport floor, they’ve been having complimentary drinks on a comfortable couch or chair away from the fray. Airport lounges aren’t just for celebrities, billionaires and sports stars, they are for everyone and thanks to our friends at revolutionary app LoungeBuddy, you can experience one and save $10 off your first visit (with code GSTPSAVE). Lounges are the end of crowds, the beginning of complimentary drinks, food, wifi, comfy chairs, service and frankly not caring if your plane takes off on time. Once you try one, the airport experience will never be the same. 

an airplane wing in the sky

Lounge Buddy is an intuitive app which acts as your airport guru. If you are looking for a lounge, the app is your entry key showing you the various offerings, prices and what you can expect inside, you can even purchase right from your phone. A neat future of the app is that you can plan ahead or leave it until after check in, either way the app will get you out of the crowds and whisked through to tranquility. Words are cool but pictures are better and virtually every lounge with LoungeBuddy offers detailed pictures and reviews from real users. Not every lounge is created equal, but you can commonly expect complimentary beer, wine and liquor, snacks, cozy seating areas, functional wifi, office facilities and more. Some of the better lounges even offer insane amenities ranging from five course meals, showers, massages and beyond. If you already have lounge access, because of your airline ticket or credit card, LoungeBuddy will show you the way in, what amenities to expect and when your lounge opens.

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LoungeBuddy is our current favorite travel app and we are thrilled to be launch partners. When you write a blog about elevating travel at minimal expense, a lounge is the most instant game changer. LoungeBuddy takes the attitude, fear and prohibitive pricing out of the equation and opens the door to airport peace. Do yourself (and us) a favor and give it a try for yourself using code GSTPSAVE to earn $10 (£6) off of your first visit. Download the app HERE. 

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