Like The Onion, but not funny…

I’ll admit, this sounds ridiculous – but I think you’ll soon agree: airlines don’t want people in middle America to travel abroad. The smoking gun? Flight prices. Exceptional deals to Asia and Europe dot the coastal cities of the United States on a weekly basis, yet flight deals abroad for those in the middle are practically non existent. There can only be one explanation.

In case you’re not familiar with my work – I spend most of my days finding shockingly low flight deals. Like $149 one way tickets to Europe, $1300 round trip business class to China and everything in between. Those two deals, were just in the last two days. Whenever I find a deal, I attempt to see how many cities it’s valid from, to get as many people as possible interested. In almost every case, the deals are available from at least a selection of: New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC and San Francisco. Occasionally, Fort Lauderdale or Chicago will grace the list of deal cities.

Whenever we publish these deals, they’re often met with one of two reactions: “oh my, this is incredible – thank you” – or “ugh! there are never deals from ______”. The middle of the country hardly, if ever, gets flight deals anywhere. In fact, prices are often 3x or more what you’ll find in most coastal hub cities. If your first thought is: well that’s because there aren’t any direct flights – that’s a fallacy. There are international direct flights from Cincinnati, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, Cleveland, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Detroit, Las Vegas, Houston and more. It’s just that airlines gouge customers the most in places where they have the greatest strongholds. Look at Atlanta. Delta controls the market with such mechanical grip, hardly any other airline can find a take off slot, let alone compete. Atlanta virtually (never) sees flight deals.

A Simple example.

Do airlines truly not want red state travelers to venture out to other continents? No, we don’t actually believe that. But for a group pretending they absolutely do want people to discover the world, they’re doing a great job of making it 3x more expensive (or even worse) for people in these states to experience places and countries far beyond – than anyone living in a major “blue state” coastal city. Search for yourself…

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