British Airways Avios still have a few great uses. Every day, I scratch my head as to why actually flying on British Airways across the pond is one of the worst uses of Avios. When flying on British Airways, avoiding fuel surcharges and fees is virtually impossible, making it extremely difficult to extract real value for your Avios. Bastards! For most mileage collectors, you might as well just buy a ticket, it may even cost less than using miles! Flying on partner Airberlin, with whom they do not charge surcharges, means taxes and fees of less than $100 round trip in Business or Coach! Let’s go!

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Though partner awards price out as peak now across the board, I truly think Airberlin is the best way for British Airways Avios holders to get across the pond without getting gouged. Requiring just 40,000 miles for round trip coach or 120,000 miles for round trip business, you can make the journey from Berlin or Dusseldorf. I know what you’re thinking, I’ll need to get to Berlin or Dusseldorf. I would consider this an excellent use of Avios, as it requires so few, or simply a great way to grab a budget ticket, still saving you a fortune compared to BA surcharges. Berlin is an excellent European gateway and with direct flights to New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, you have options. Being able to fly Airberlin’s new business class product one way for only 60,000 miles and five dollars in taxes from the US or 60,000 and $85 originating in Europe is a great way to move. 

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Finding partner availability, especially from Airberlin can be tricky. I highly suggest using the tool AwardNexus (click here for explanation) to search up to 7 days at a time for partner availability. The tool is far superior to searching on the British Airways website. Happy hunting. I just helped a friend snag one way in coach and one way in business for 80,000 miles. Not a bad deal! Get on it.

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