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Selfie incrimination evidence…

Update: It appears it may have been another passenger, and not in fact a flight attendant. This is according to American Airlines latest press release. To be continued…

File this under things economy passengers never want to hear, but there’s one downside to flying business class. The massive seat that turns into a bed can be a real trap for cellphones. Lets take a moment to recognize this great hardship. Ok, moment over. A passenger on a recent flight was disembarking from a flight and realized she did not have her cellphone. She was told she couldn’t return to the aircraft – and that the crew would look for it. Simple enough.

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Airlines are actually surprisingly good at the lost and found game. This author has lost countless items on flights and had virtually all returned. But this passenger was not so lucky. After days of waiting – no phone turned up. Perhaps a passenger had taken it, or perhaps it was eaten by the seat monster in her cabin. Sigh. But then…

The Cloud

The cloud! It’s real. It’s not just the mysterious sounding thing from the IBM commercials. The cloud really does store just about everything you’ve ever done on your phone. And apparently, that’s new news to the flight attendant, from the flight in question. Why? Because a collection of her selfies began to appear on the iCloud account of the passenger with the lost phone.

Selfie Incrimination

If you’ve ever watched a cop drama, you know that self incriminating evidence is where you say or do something that will hurt your case. For the record: taking selfies of yourself, on the phone that was reported missing is pretty textbook self incriminating evidence. You’re not dreaming – the flight attendant stole the phone and then closed the book on her own case, by accidentally taking selfies. Our friends Live and Let’s Fly have offered a guide to the flight attendant on how to wipe phones, for future reference. With any hope, the phone will shortly be returned.

HT: The Sun

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