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Loft bar and semi private suite, anyone?

Despite being one of the most unique and fun airlines to fly, Virgin Atlantic Upper Class was upstaged in recent years. Well, until April 8th, 2019. On that date, Virgin Atlantic turned heads with the unveiling of their new A350-1000, featuring an all new semi private Upper Class Suite and a brand new iteration of the Virgin Atlantic on board bar concept.

As of the weekend, flights for this new aircraft went on sale to launch route New York City, and just days later, we have a sale! In fact, a major sale! We’re talking £1275 round trip for A350 business class with a semi private door and a bar. It doesn’t get much better.

a city with a body of water in the backgroundThe Flight Deals To NYC

The A350 isn’t just a new seat, it’s one of the three best planes in the sky for fighting jet lag, thanks to a more natural cabin pressure and humidity, and noise reduction technology. In other words, the new seat is great, but when you add in the better air experience, it’s gotta be the best current way to fly between New York and London, perhaps even including first class on older aircraft with other airlines.

Virgin Atlantic has launched a major sale, offering business class from London to New York City from just £1275 round trip, and if you go from Inverness, you can go even lower.

a bed in a planeThe Dates You Can Travel

Virgin is bringing the A350 to NYC en force! The first plane will roll out in September, but the airline planes to send all A350’s to NYC as they come out of the factory. This sale includes dates around December holidays, and Wednesday and Thursdays departures in 2020 through the end of schedule.

Basically, leave London on a Thursday and stay the weekend, or longer. You can then leave any time after the Sunday. This is an awesome way to do a long weekend in NYC by only taking a Friday and Monday off. With the jet lag help from the new jet, you might not even look like crap when you get back to London.

How To Book These Flights

New York City is great, and here’s a bunch of things to do when you get there. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, because these deals are so easy to book, even you should be able to take care of it with no sweat. Here’s an example link for a long weekend in January, which you can simply change the dates on to find something for yourself. You can book via Skyscanner, Delta or Virgin Atlantic.

Remember: Thursdays are the best day to depart London or Inverness for the lowest prices, and you need to stay until at least Monday. Returning on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will give the lowest prices. The Virgin Atlantic A350 operates flights 137 and 138 for sure, but always be sure to double check on VirginAtlantic.com, or Google Flights to make sure nothing has changed for your dates. In case times are easier than numbers, that’s the 12:30PM flight departing London Heathrow, and the 9PM flight departing New York JFK.

Oh, and if you book before the 14th, you’ll be able to take advantage of the insane Miles Boost promo, which makes this even more lucrative, by allowing you to buy 3x the miles you’d earn plus a 40% bonus for well under 1p per mile.

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