If you’ve got $100 bucks, you’ve got 1 more dollar, pound or euro than you need to cross the pond. The low fare renaissance continues and this time, things have crossed the three digit mark. Innovative, Icelandic discount carrier WOW Air is offering their lowest prices of the year to celebrate new flights between the U.S. and Europe (and vice versa). Here’s how to get in!

a city with a bridge over a body of water$99/€99/£99…

WOW Air has launched a truly massive sale across the US, UK and Europe. Wherever you are, it’s 99 in your local currency to a destination on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Countless US cities such as New York (now JFK as well), Boston, Miami, Cleveland and Cincinnati are included in the sale- as are UK cities like London and European cities like Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris, Dublin, Munich, Frankfurt and Reykjavik.

Where To Find Em’…

There’s a dedicated page displaying all the deals for each country. Here’s the US version and the UK version. For any other countries, simply change the country in the top right corner of the WOW Air page. If you’re now asking… why are they doing this? It’s because the company is celebrating it’s brand new flights to New York JFK, and they want your money.

a city with many buildings and a body of waterWhen Ya’ Can Go…

These deals are available from now thru most of 2018, with sporadic dates at the very best prices. Fortunately, the WOW Air site takes you right to the 99 buck prices, making them easy to find. Who don’t other airlines do the same?

Why This Can Be A Good Deal

This $99 burning a hole in your pocket won’t get you a checked bag, or a full sized carry on, but  for just a bit more, you can add any of those things you like a la carte. Here’s a breakdown of it all. We LOVE these deals because they can be an excellent way to use points to go in the other direction, essentially creating a $99+ round trip – trip to Europe or the U.S. Since many airlines have raised the rates using points, it’s easier to afford things like business class on points if you only need to go one way. This offer definitely comes to mind…

You taking up one of these deals?

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  1. It’s not $99 tickets, as you are required I believe to purchase round trip tickets and none of the returns are anywhere near $99. So it would be at least $250-300 RT tickets making the blog premise invalid. Correct me if I’m wrong, hopeful that I am.

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