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All those flashy headlines about people taking $10,000 first class flights for free aren’t nonsense and almost every single one of them is possible for the same reason: credit cards. Airlines are like drug addicts and their drug of choice is credit cards. They give you miles for free for doing what you do everyday anyway, they get a nice little piece of every transaction you make; and you don’t care because the merchant feels that, not you. There’s an exciting new American Airlines card combo out and you can get a 90,000 mile head start on your next big trip, honeymoon, anniversary, “get the hell away from work” or whatever other trip you have planned..

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Barclaycard Has Launched A 40,000 Point Bonus With No Minimum Spend!

People are often put off by minimum spending requirements on credit cards. With that notion Barclaycard have (today) launched an “American Airlines Aviator Red” credit card, offering 40,000 miles after your first purchase, free checked bag, priority boarding and other great benefits, all for just a $95 annual fee, which the free checked bags can easily offset. You can grab the card here.

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And You Can Also Grab The Citi Version For 50,000 More American Airlines Miles!

If your first thought is “uh oh, applying for two cards is automatically bad”, check out this post. If your thought is “tell me more”, then we’ll carry on. The Citi Platinum Select American Airlines card offers 50,000 miles and a 10% rebate when you use your points, no foreign transaction fees, priority boarding and of course a free checked bag. This card also carries a $95 annual fee, but it’s waived for the first year! All you’ll need to do is spend $3,000 in 3 months to earn your 50,000 mile bonus. Since there’s no minimum spend on the Barclaycard version, you can just concentrate your spending on one card. $1,000 a month for someone who pays insurance, has a cellphone and eats, maybe even goes to a gym should be easy. You can grab that card here.

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Should I Get Both? Are American Airlines Miles Valuable?

90,000 miles is an incredible leap forward towards fantastic free travel. I say free because you’re spending money you would’ve had to anyway, the annual fees are easily offset with free bags and you also get a 10% rebate on your points when you go to use them. For a point of reference, 90,000 miles is more than enough for an economy round trip anywhere in the world, at least one way in business class anywhere in the world and nearly enough for round trip business class to Asia, South America or Europe. Flat beds and all! Of course you should also remember that you don’t have to use your miles to fly with American. You can instead use them for flights on Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Iberia, British Airways, LATAM, Qantas and more.

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