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There’s no question Qatar Airways delivers one of the best business class experiences, both in the sky and on the ground. The airline is offering aggressive deals from the Middle East, giving you a chance to experience A380 business class, complete with on board bar, for just $793 round trip. This could be a fun way to create a two in one trip, even if Muscat or the Middle East is not your home base. Fly to Muscat, enjoy the trending destination then head to Bangkok.

a city with many buildings and a city skylineThe Deal

Qatar Airways is offering ridiculously low prices for an incredible experience. For less than $400 each way, you can enjoy fully flat beds and dine on demand to Bangkok. You can even enjoy an on board bar, aboard the magnificent A380 aircraft. Here’s what that experience is like. Since you’re connecting via Doha, you’ll even get access to the absolutely stunning Al Safwa First Class VIP Lounge on your return flight. Bangkok is bundles of fun and this is a phenomenal price for round trip business class travel.

a bar in a planeThe Dates

These outstanding deals are available from now thru the end of November 2018. Virtually every calendar date is available, which is almost unheard of. If this deal would be great for you, do not hesitate to book. These deals can be booked directly with Qatar Airways for the best customer service experience and a better chance at an upgrade to First Class!

a bed in a planeBooking

You can book these deals directly with Qatar Airways online. There’s no telling how long these will last, so firm up plans and get ready to enjoy Bangkok. You’ll arrived fully refreshed, as long as you don’t spend too much time at the bar. You’ll also earn a considerable amount of points and miles, which can help with future upgrades and perks. Book by clicking here and entering MCT for your departure and BKK for your destination.

Are you booking one of these awesome deals?

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  1. How to do get first class al-safwa lounge access on a biz class ticket???? Even as a OWE I was refused acces – Al safwa being first cusotmers only

    1. Some excellent premium economy deals have been kicking around. The BA holidays can be good savings too. Search from AMS, CDG, MAD, or BCN for starters.

  2. Qatar airways business class service in Only good in the air.
    Their ground business class service is a total stinker.
    Had a horrid horrid experience flying out from NYC to Doha. It’s been a year still waiting for Any apology.

  3. Any good steal deals from Nairobi to Bangalore to and return trip from may 30 2018 to August 2nd 2018. With shortest layover.

  4. Try to fly Qatar all the time but now with the issue on GCC countries I cannot get any connection for my use.

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