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For a flight over six hours, this is so nice…

Asia is a splendid place to visit, but that’s even more broad than saying America is a great place to visit. Distances are vast and cultures are wildly different from one area to the next. One of the best things a traveler can do is experience both North Asia and Southeast Asia on the same trip. Seeing Seoul or Tokyo on the same trip you see somewhere like Singapore, or Bangkok will give you a best of both worlds, which leaves the problem of flights. Flights between SE Asia and North Asia can last over 7 hours, so a bad for the  overnight ride can make a huge difference. There’s a big sale out right now, which makes that dream possible for $789 round trip, on top airlines…

a city with lights and a mountain in the backgroundThe Deals

Korean, Malaysian and Garuda are offering exciting deals. Generally speaking, $1200 round trip would be considered a really great deal for flights like this, well below the $2500 norms – but at $789 they’re an absolute steal. Better yet, there are direct options on both the Boeing 747-8i and the Airbus A380. The very best deals are for travel to Seoul, South Korea and you can find the best prices from Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

The Dates

These deals are widely available through March, and are only marginally higher after that. If you have an upcoming trip to Southeast Asia and want to create a cool side trip further North, these deals allow you to earn points and elite status credit at exceptionally good rates.

a seat and chair in an airplaneHow To Book

Business class is about making life easy, so let’s start that experience here. Here are the best round trip business class flight deals. Simply change the dates to suit your needs and follow the easy Google Flights instructions to book. There’s no telling how long they’ll last.

Be sure to earn lots of miles from these awesome deals by joining a frequent flyer program. Here are the best frequent flyer programs in each airline alliance, just in case you need some idea!

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