British Airways is making big waves this week with an announcement that it would like to acquire some new planes, while putting some gorgeous new ones it’s already acquired into major North American cities, sooner than expected. As always, there are some twists.

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787-9 Dreamliner With New First Class To New York In April

Easter has come early for those hoping to try out British Airways brand new 797-9 Dreamliner complete with swanky, new, redesigned First Class Suite. Planned service is getting bumped up from an August start date to April, allowing savvy booker yet an even sooner opportunity for a first look. Hey, it’s all incredible up in First, no complaints here, but with the added quiet, comfort and cabin air of the Dreamliner; mixed with a brand new seat design with a larger screen and more personal space, it’s hard to argue against this being the best way to fly between New York to London. You’ll find the plane on the LHR to EWR route starting April 2nd with flight number 189 leaving London and 188 leaving Newark. I wonder if the airline has any interest in giving me a free test ride? Wouldn’t bet on it! If New York isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll find the “dreamy” aircraft on Philadelphia in April as well and San Jose, California, a convenient alternative to San Francisco, in May. I found flights available using miles as well as paid options at roughly £2400 for First.   

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Plans To Lease, NOT Buy Six MORE A380’s

Rather than buy brand new planes at a prohibitive price, British Airways has said it would find better value in leasing or purchasing lightly used A380’s which seem to be rampantly available on the market. You can expect the airline to add up to six more A380’s which will help them expand in further markets, such as the planned move to put an A380 on the London to Vancouver route this summer. Could the A380 eventually land in New York? Hong Kong? This move would signal yes. You can currently experience the A380 from London to Los Angeles, Singapore, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, Johannesburg and Hong Kong. 

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This is pretty exciting news from British Airways, marking an aggressive strategy for expansion, especially as many airlines draw back their A380 fleet, or turning them into large format passenger carriers. I am thrilled that New York is getting an upgraded flying experience, one to match Virgin Atlantic’s planned routes between the two great cities for it’s own 787-9, which as we know, lacks a first class…

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