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Just one catch: you need a friend…

Any day of the year, £500-£600 for round trip economy flights from London to South Africa in economy is a good deal. But we’re not talking about economy. We’re talking about the seriously upgraded travel experience found in an entirely separate cabin: premium economy. Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy offers a wider and more spacious seat, two checked bags, priority boarding and extra miles. If you can find a travel buddy, you can take advantage of crazy good £678 round trip Premium Economy flights direct from London to Safari land, aka Johannesburg, South Africa.

the tail of an airplaneThe Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Deals

Virgin Atlantic is offering two for one offers, which are really lower than any price you’d ever pay for one! For £678 per person, you can fly direct on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Virgin’s best premium economy seat. That kinda comfort comes in handy on a 10 hour flight, and the extra baggage allowance should have you covered if an elephant eats your clothes. You never know. Johannesburg is the perfect place to start a safari, or grab a connecting flight to Cape Town. If you search for one person, you won’t find these flight deals.

a house on a hill with treesThe Dates You Can Fly To South Africa

These tickets must be booked by December 14th, 2018. You can jet off on your South African adventure from January thru July 31st of 2019. You need to stay in South Africa for at least one Sunday for the price to work. At the moment, the deals are wide open in every month except April, where they’re tough to find. Remember: you must book for two passengers to get these prices.

a row of chairs in a planeHow To Book These Amazing Deals

Paying £678 for round trip premium economy from London to South Africa is almost unheard of. It’s that good. Simply head to Virgin Atlantic, enter LHR to JNB for two passenger in Premium and find dates where these prices kick in. They won’t be hard to find. Tickets must be booked by the 14th, and they could be pulled at any time. Find someone you can sit next to for a few hours, and get ready for some fun in the sun.

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