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Deals, Dubai and business class upgrades. Like it…

As all of the United Kingdom mourns the tragic visit of Donald Trump England World Cup loss, the best remedy is always travel. In good taste or bad, British Airways has launched a £66 discount, to encourage travelers to do exactly that. This offer pairs extremely well with British Airways aggressive Premium economy sales to Dubai, which if you’ve got some points, can bring you the delights of business class for just £530 and about 40,000 Avios round trip! OR if you’re cool with Premium, just £530 all in!

a pool with blue umbrellas and lounge chairsThe Deals

Dubai is bundles of sand, sun and fun, and may in fact be where much of the England team goes to cool off after a heartbreaking loss. British Airways is offering a £66 discount for long haul flights over £300, which takes the already exceptionally good deals to Dubai down to a mere £530 round trip, for direct flights from London. That’s a bargain in itself, but if you’ve got Avios Points, you can take advantage of the excellent upgrade availability on this route to secure round trip business class by using roughly 40,000 points round trip, or 20,000 one way. That’s a deal.

The Dates

These deals are available from September 2018 thru early December 2018. Not every single date will be available, but availability is fantastic in virtually every month. If you plan to upgrade, we recommend searching for upgrade availability before booking, so you can instantly confirm your business class bargain! More on that…

a plane flying above the cloudsHow To Book

To secure your extra £66 discount, which brings these flights to a mere £530 round trip, you’ll need to book by July 14th, 2018 Simply click this link to bring up the promo page. Once there, search for flights anywhere from September thru early December, with a minimum of 3 days in Dubai. Price will display at about £604 round trip, before the £66 discount applies on the final page. Now onto those upgrades…

How To Upgrade

We’ve got an incredibly easy guide to upgrading on British Airways. Essentially, you want to search for flights using Avios points, as if you were booking a reward flight. If there are seats available in business class using points, they’re also available to upgrade. You’ll just need to make your premium economy booking, as normal and then call in to upgrade. Any difference in fare price should be negligible, and if you’re told otherwise – read this. Enjoy Dubai, and premium economy or business class! Oh, and here are a few tips to save money in Dubai.

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