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It’s actually not to good to be true…

Banking is one of the most competitive industries on the planet and customers are the key to any good bank. In an effort to win customers, one major bank is out with an offer so lucrative, you’d almost be crazy to pass it up. How does $300 dollars for opening an account, with an easy way to pay no monthly fee sound? It’s almost that simple, we promise. Here’s how to score $300, more than enough for a free flight, just from opening a simple US bank account.

The Big Small Catch

Most employees across all jobs receive direct deposit from their employer. Direct deposit is the only catch to this promo. You simply need to receive a direct deposit after account opening to unlock your $300 bonus. If you receive at least a $500 direct deposit each month, you’ll never pay a monthly account fee. It’s quite literally free money. But the offer actually gets better. Oh, and you’ll just need to keep your account open at least six months to ensure the bonus stays totally free. And obviously, the offer is only for people who don’t currently have a Chase Checking or Savings account, or haven’t had one for at least 90 days.

$200 More Possible

If you’re moving $15,000 bucks or more, Chase will kick in an additional bonus of $200 if you open a savings account, and keep at least $15,000 in for 90 days. Yep, you can potentially score a total bonus of $500, just for opening a checking and savings bank account. That’s $500, for filling out an online form, or visiting your local bank. Who wouldn’t take $500 bucks? I mean, right?

How To Take Advantage

Doctor Of Credit has shared a direct link to the promotion, bringing $300-$500 bucks within mere seconds of your reach. Simply follow the instructions on the Chase Offer website to unlock your massive account bonus, and be sure to read the terms and conditions, to ensure you perfectly satisfy the requirements to get your easy bonus. According to the promo, bonuses will be paid out within 10 days of completing the requirements, so a checking account would score $300 after the first work, government or benefits direct deposit!

Will you take advantage of this awesome bonus?

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