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Update: Air China has offers for £1500 with just one stop en route as well…

Landing in Australia is about as exciting as it gets. Given the distance, it feels like a milestone, and knowing what’s on the other side of those arrivals hall doors is even better. The beaches – stunning. The food – unmatched. Arriving without feeling like you’re an accordion that’s been overplayed in an Italian restaurant may top them all though.

Qatar Airways, Singapore and Etihad have brought back the best offers we’ve seen all year to get to Australia in comfort and style, with a boat load of miles too…

a row of colorful beach hutsThe Australia Flight Deals

If you want the lowest prices for business class comfort to Australia, Sweden is the place on this occasion. Gothenburg and Stockholm are the launching point for the two lowest priced Australia deals at the moment, with Qatar offering their best fares from Gothenburg and Etihad out of Stockholm.

The Etihad deals allow travel to Sydney or Melbourne, while the Qatar deals from Gothenburg focus on Perth. Qatar also has Stockholm to Canberra (near Sydney) for £2000 all in, with Qsuites the entire way. Not bad for £200 more…

Don’t forget that Etihad offers quite a few partners with whom you can earn miles, including American Airlines. These Qatar deals of course are one of the best ways to earn British Airways tier points and amass lots of miles while enjoying one of the best business class experiences in the sky.

a room with a computer and monitorsThe Dates You Can Travel

Each of these deals offers slightly different date availability, but in general, that availability is really good and allows for travel in 2019 or 2020.

Qatar Airways Gothenburg to Perth: these prices are available from February 16th – May 27th 2020, and then wide open again in September, October and November of 2020.

Qatar Airways Stockholm to Canberra: these deals are wide open in February, March and April 2020, with other scattered dates available in May and September.

Etihad Stockholm to Melbourne: these offers are for those who’d like to get to Melbourne sooner than later, and are available in December 2019 and January 2020. You can also route via London in both directions, just FYI.

Singapore Stockholm to Melbourne: wide open! You can travel from March 2020 through the end of schedule on almost any date, with a stop in Singapore en route.

sydney australia the butlerHow To Book These Flight Deals

For mainstream airlines, this is consistent with the lowest pricing we’ve seen all year. Getting to Stockholm from most European cities is quite easy, and if you use miles, it hardly adds any expense at all. If you want to add a one night stop in Stockholm, that does add a bit of cost, but also breaks up the journey and creates a nice 2 in 1 trip.

We’ve made easy to use links which take you directly to the best deals, so all you need to do is play around with dates and find something that works well for you, like…

Here’s a guide to the best food, drinks and things to do in Melbourne, and Sydney so you’re now officially out of excuses. If you haven’t been, you must – and if you have been, there’s a reason you’re here looking to go back – right?

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