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Pilots are nothing short of legendary, awesome guys- and they need to be. The air and weather we all fly in is getting progressively more extreme- leading to viral videos. This is soon to be one of them. A plane spotter catalogued some of the most brutal landings and attempted landings at Birmingham Airport over the last few years- and the results are nothing short of jaw dropping. Truly, if your jaw hasn’t dropped by the end of this- you’re a special case.

We told you so. Props to the pilots that quite literally “weathered the storm” and got these passengers back on the ground. If you’re now hooked on videos like this, we highly suggest checking out this one, this one and this one. If you want to get a cool inside look at the life of some of the world’s best pilots- check this out. Until next time, just hope you’re not landing at Birmingham International Airport…

Hat Tip: ViewFromTheWing

What’s the worst landing you’ve ever had?

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