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Be honest, if we said “hey, Virgin Atlantic has £365 return flights from London to Boston” you’d be excited. So when we say Virgin Atlantic is offering return Boston flights with a checked bag and seat assignment plus three nights of hotel for £365 per person, you can spit out your coffee. It’s totally ok. Virgin Atlantic really does have some insanely priced deals direct from London to the USA right now  and the only catch is that you need two people to book.

a plane flying in the skyThe Virgin Flight + Hotel Deals

In case you’ve ignored all the articles, booking flight + hotel together can be an incredible way to save on travel. Airlines are working hard to be your one stop shop for everything travel, so right now they’re practically giving away flights if you book your hotel through them. Hey, we don’t mind!

If you can find a friend, lover, family member or old friend you wouldn’t mind splitting a room with, you can jet off to Boston on Virgin Atlantic for a mere £365 per person, with three nights in a four star hotel included in that price. A grand total of £728 all in gets two people a Boston vacation with Virgin Atlantic flights for two and a hotel room to split for three nights. Divide by two, you get £364 per person.

Virgin also has options like Miami with five nights of hotel for £569, Barbados with seven nights of hotel for £599 and Tel Aviv with four nights of hotel for £599 as well.

a city skyline with lights on the waterHow To Book These deals

Virgin’s booking website for these flight + hotel deals needs a bit of work, but one thing it’s good at is taking you directly to the lowest priced dates for each deal. The thing it doesn’t do well: show you the other lowest priced dates.

Basically, if you’ve got flexibility, it’s hard to pass up £365 per person for an incredible trip on any date. If you have specific dates you need, you’ll be shown to the lowest prices on your dates, which may be higher.

Simply click this link to hit up the Virgin Atlantic “Travel Plus” flight and hotel deals. You’ll find the £365 Boston deals in seconds by scrolling down to “Winter Breaks”, and everything else too. Just don’t wear camouflage if you opt for Barbados, it’s illegal there.

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  1. Flight timings to get this for £365 are shit.

    Day 1 – Arrive in Logan at 22.30pm. By the time you reach the hotel, Day 1 is over. Get to the hotel at about 1am. Go to sleep.

    Day 2 – Boston

    Day 3 – Boston. But since your flight on Day 4 is at 08.05am, this means being at Logan for at least 06.35am. Leave Hotel at about 4am. So going to sleep on Day 3 before 10pm.

    Day 4 – Well, you are on a plane going home.

    Good price but for such a short trip, not worth it.

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