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Go for the wine, come back with the wine…

Paris is great, blah blah blah. You know Paris is great, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. That, or you know you want to go and have been waiting for an amazing flight deal. That time is now. All over the country, from at least 8 different cities, you can lock in round trip flights for $350 or less. If that’s not magnifique, what is? Here are all the best ways to fly to Paris on the cheap, from a city near you…

a view of the eiffel tower from a balconyThe Flight Deals

New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando and Washington DC, and hey – there may even be more! From any of these cites you can jet off $350 or less, putting you directly in the heart of Paris for prices you’d be lucky to find for short haul U.S. flights. Some of these flights even go into Paris Orly, which is even closer to the city. That’s very cool. Most of these deals won’t include a checked bag, but if you learn to pack your carry on like a pro, that won’t matter.

The Dates

Most of the best deals are around for travel in December 2018 and in January and February of 2019. Some deals will also include November and March. Paris is so much better without mid summer tourists. You’ll see.

How To Book

People are always convinced that they’ll be disappointed when the click on flight deals, and that just shouldn’t be the case. After all, you’re about two clicks a 16 digit credit card number and a great decision away from one of the best cities on earth. Here are the best round trip flight deals, organize by price. All you need to do is change dates to find something that works for you. The best deals to Paris are…

The quickest way to turn an incredible deal into an expensive one is to cancel. Firm up your dates as quickly as possible and then book while you can. These kinda fares don’t often last long!

Are you jetting off to Paris?

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