I do not have any New Years resolutions, I didn’t even stay up to watch the ball drop. I am jet lagged from quite a bit of recent travel and it feels absolutely perfect. As 2015 came to a close, it was however almost mind blowing to think of what this site has accomplished in a year, the people we’ve reached, the news outlets we’ve touched and it’s very safe and accurate to say it’s all down to one person, his name is Gary Leff. 

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I doubt many young aspiring soccer/football players get email responses from Lionel Messi or any of their personal heroes. Though Gary Leff is not the face of Qatar Airways, or the star of FC Barcelona, he’s a founding star for those in the know of points, miles and travel. He graces many news articles throughout the world, and I’d say he’s the number one go to expert for the New York Times, BBC, CNN, NBC and all the networks who need comment on this complicated and exciting world of travel, points and miles.

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Surprisingly, this blog is just over a year old, and barely existed as 2014 came to a close. I was really inspired by my hatred for a few unnamed blogs and my love for Gary’s blog ViewFromTheWing.com, Renespoints.com, and a couple other sites. I wanted to try to emulate the accessibility, honesty and informative nature of Gary and others blogs, and so as any fan would do, I reached out and emailed Gary, saying “Hello I’m a big fan, I’m starting my own blog, what do you think?” 

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Gary emailed me back the same day to say welcome to the world, I like your clean layout, I suggest you try switching your homepage to this page and absolute best of luck. It inspired me to launch forward. It didn’t end there. Throughout the year I’ve asked Gary for advice and he’s been very generous in sharing his experience, not only that, he’s shared some of my favorite articles we’ve worked on to his audience, introducing many wonderful travelers to my little world. It’s been an incredible 2015 and it’s all thanks to Gary Leff. Hello 2016…

As Always, Get In Touch: GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com

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