WOW is a polarizing phrase in today’s world. You can say “wow, that’s a terrible deal”, just as easily as you can say “wow, that’s an incredible deal”. When it comes to the future of economy, there are some wowing factors on both sides of the aisle. Basically, we’re probably going to be a bit more cramped, but we’ll definitely be more entertained, especially with this new seat which is basically a gigantic iPhone…

a group of screens on a chair

No matter how much the crew chooses to ignore you, you’ll be chock full of touch screen entertainment, thanks to this 22” revolutionary in flight entertainment system.

a screen shot of a device

Since seats aren’t getting wider, the revolutionary concept with this Thales “Digital Sea” design is that you’ll be able to multi task, with a nice wide format movie at the top of your screen, while buttons such as in seat ordering, duty free shopping, route maps and even perhaps hotel or travel booking apps will be available on the bottom half. Cool? I think so. Apparently, you’ll even be able to play games across an in seat network against other passengers!

a pair of chairs with headsets

One thing that’s not soon to change is that seats are getting slimmer. Fortunately, the entertainment system is contained in the negative space of the seat, allowing for more legroom under the seat in front of you. Thank god. 

a man and woman sitting in chairs looking at a screen

Before you get too excited, you should know that no US airline has any interest in the seat just yet, though the likes of many higher end airlines like Emirates, Cathay, Qatar, Etihad and so forth are all actively interested.

a pair of rectangular electronic devices

One small seat for your rear end, one giant screen for you to play with. Hopefully they balance each other out…

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