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When it comes to air travel, being a free agent has its benefits. Your preferred airline may not fly every route you need – and when you do need to book with another airline or alliance, wouldn’t it be nice to keep your hard earned benefits? You can. There’s an easy opportunity to grab Star Alliance Gold status, if you currently hold elite status with a competing airline. You don’t lose a thing, you only gain – and we’ll explain every step…

a plane flying over cloudsThe Offer

Turkish Airlines is offering a very easy, very lucrative status offering Star Alliance Gold status. You get to retain your current elite status with your preferred airline, nothing changes at all, you just pick up a free extra status which unlocks benefits on an entire new network of airlines and routes. It can also help unlock airport lounges in the US, even when flying domestic economy.


If the status you currently hold with a competing airline is considered SkyTeam Elite Plus, OneWorld Emerald, Emirates Gold or Platinum, Etihad Gold or Platinum or El Al Platinum or Top Platinum, you are eligible for a Turkish Airlines Gold card. So yep, Delta, Air France, American, British Airways and other major statuses should work just fine.


Turkish Airlines is going to request a copy of your current (unexpired) frequent flyer card and passport to complete the match. They may also request a recent copy of your flying activity. Get those things ready to send in PDF or picture format. Once you’ve got all that squared away, you’ll politely submit your request via this customer service form. Specifically state your request to match your current elite status with Turkish, and mention why it would be beneficial to both parties. Most people receive their match within two days.


Applicants should receive a full one year Star Alliance Gold status match. If instead you receive a temporary status challenge, you’ll need to complete one long haul Turkish Airlines flight within 4 months. Having Turkish Star Alliance Gold allows airport VIP lounge access, even on domestic economy flights, a particularly useful benefit to US frequent flyers. And hey, you may get some upgrades to go along with your extra baggage allowance, airport fast track and other nice perks. And yep, they all apply every time you fly, regardless of which cabin you’re in. Enjoy!

Are you going to match your status?

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  1. tried but was reject with no reason. What are the changes? Do you have data points? I know it has been available quite some time…

    1. When did you try? These things are very fluid. This week it’s all go, last week could easily have been different goals.

  2. Gilbert, the link to TA’s customer service didn’t open to a form where I could request a status match. Just FYI.

    1. Strange, I just went through it. You click new feedback and then you can fill in your request. Hope that helps. Thanks.

  3. Good luck with that if your airline no longer issues plastic cards (I’m looking at you, Delta). Turkish refuse point blank to accept anything other than a physical card. Screenshots and electric elite cards won’t work.

  4. I got matched but only for 4 months- they say I need to take one “international” flight within those 4 months. I’m assuming a London-Istanbul will count? The article above mentions long haul, but their email said nothing except that it needed to be international.

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