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Let Google do it…

Google won the holidays this year with its Home Alone revamp, starring the one and only Kevin Mccalister, a.k.a Macaulay Culkin. The gist of the ad: let Google do it. No need to open the door for the pizza man, or walk down to the dark basement to reset the temperature. Now, Google is back again with its latest innovation for Google Assistant and they’re taking the show on the road with travel assistance for Android users.

headphones on a chairHands Free Flight Check In

Google has announced a brand new partnership with United Airlines, as the first to adopt its “Ok Google” AI domestic flight check in option. Passengers traveling on domestic United USA flights will get a reminder when check in opens (to help secure a great seat) and can say “Ok Google, check me in for my flight”. The service will automatically check you in and issue a mobile boarding pass. And yes, you can then say “Ok Google, open my boarding pass” for hands free boarding. Suave, without a doubt. The service is expected to roll out to many more airlines in the imminent future, and hopefully to international flights too.

Google Assistant TravelAnd Book Hotels Hands Free Too

If you’ve picked a spot after endless TripAdvisor research, Google can get the hotel job done too. You don’t even need to reach for your wallet either. Simply say “Ok Google, book me the Andaz Hollywood on February 25th”. Google Assistant will tell you about availability, pricing options and use your choice of saved Google Pay card method to get the job done. It’s all done after your approval, of course. Making a spaghetti bolognese while booking your next great adventure has never been easier. For now, this feature is limited to hotel bookings in the USA, but like the new flights features, it’s expected worldwide soon.

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  1. Maybe I’m the only one that finds this kind of creepy. I’m not in love with the idea of being constantly monitored in general, but at least if the government does it, chances are that they’ll be fairly inept. Google is evil and very capable, a much more disturbing set of traits. For the people that either don’t care, are resigned to being monitored, or find the trading privacy for convenience worthwhile, they should enjoy the new features.

  2. Tried the check in for my flight today but it didn’t work. It kept trying to check me in for my flight next week.

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