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It only makes sense for frequent hotel guests to be frequent flyers as well, so it only makes sense for airlines and hotels to team up and try to grab a greater share of your wallet. American Airlines and Hyatt are doing exactly that, offering members of both programs a short cut to elite status with the other.

This is great news for Hyatt loyalists and American Airlines AAdvantage flyers alike, so here’s how to make the most of this unique partnership and get yourself a shiny new elite status card…

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Hyatt x American Elite Status Fast Tracks

Beginning March 9th, which coincidentally is today – wink, wink – elites of both the World of Hyatt and American Airlines AAdvantage programs will have opportunities to earn status faster. Rather than an entire year of grinding to qualify for elite status, you can accomplish status in just three months, with abbreviated criterion. That’s fantastic.

Here’s how it shakes out for members of each program…

World Of Hyatt Elite Members

Hyatt Explorist and Globalist members can enroll in status challenges for American Airlines Gold, Platinum or Platinum Pro (sadly no Executive Platinum).

By completing a certain amount of flights operated or marketed by American Airlines or American Eagle, you can earn elite status with the AAdvantage program through January, 2022.

American Airlines AAdvantage Elites

American Airlines Platinum, Platinum Pro and Executive platinum members can enroll in status challenges for World Of Hyatt Explorist or Globalist status through February 2022. That’s a long time of Hyatt love, and even award nights count.

a town next to a body of water with Hallstatt in the backgroundNext Steps To Get Your Status

You’re excited, maybe even doing an awkward happy dance at your desk, but there’s a few things you’ll need to do before you go gangbusters on the travel. First – link your two accounts.

Even if you’re not currently “elite enough” for these status challenge opportunities, you earn points across both programs whenever you spend with one or the other, so it’s a no brainer to do. You really, really should.

Timing Is Everything

Once you’ve registered and linked your accounts together, you’ll be eligible to sign up for the Hyatt or American Airlines status challenges. If you want American status, you can register until September 30th. If you want Hyatt status, you can register until October 2nd, 2020.

Whenever you start, you’ll have the status through Jan/Feb 2020, but the key is that your three month window starts when you sign up for the challenge. Linking your accounts is totally separate, but once you register for either challenge, the clock is ticking.

a room with a bed and a tvIf you’ll only be able to successfully complete either challenge with travel in August, September, October – don’t activate the challenges now, because you’ll be bust by June, and it’s a one time shot. Start the challenge just before your busiest travel, so that you can successfully complete it and enjoy the perks for a year plus!

I love seeing this from Hyatt and American and can’t help but hope other airlines and hotels will draw their resources together, to try and capture a better share of our wallets too. It makes perfect sense, and there’s a lot to love for members of both programs.

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  1. On the AA page I see the Register Now button for Hyatt fast track although I hesitate to click on it without knowing what the challenge is and starting the clock. Does everyone have the same challenge and, if so, what is it?

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