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You’ve seen it in Home Alone, and you’ve probably even done it yourself. “Honey, we overslept”. Forget snow storms and packed flights, the changing of the clocks is one of the biggest battles for travelers around the world getting from one place to another. For most of the world, tomorrow is the big day where that extra hour of sleep kicks in, but Morocco has abruptly decided that it’s not playing along.

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Morocco just might be onto something. After decades of daylight savings time, the country has decided, with very short notice, to drop clock changes. That’s right – tomorrow, while GMT and other time zones “fall back”, Morocco will stay the same. The country has decided to stick with a year round GMT+1 Time Zone. According to the BBC, Morocco joins many other African and Asian countries in this change.

Spices in Marrakech.GMT v. BST

But if the UK changes, and Morocco doesn’t, how will it stay GMT+1 year round? The answer: the United Kingdom observes GMT during winter months, but when the country “springs forward” in March it moves to “BST” also known as British Summer Time until October. You can almost smell the freshly picked strawberries. GMT stays constant all year and does not spring forward or fall back at this time of year.

Morocco Kasbah Tamadot.

If You’re In Morocco…

Sorry about the notice, right? It’s a good thing you’re reading this, because tomorrow the time in Morocco will be exactly the same as it is today, Saturday October 27th. With such short notice, it’s hard to know if digital devices will automatically catch on to the new decision to stay on one time all year round, when they were clearly expecting to switch. For this reason, it might be worth dusting off your trusty old watch and setting it to today’s time. You’d certainly hate to get to the airport tomorrow only to find out that you are hours early, or late.

Featured image courtesy of Kasbah Tamadot.

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