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They call themselves wellness architects, so there’s that…

Singapore Air excited the world when they announced the revitalization of the world’s longest flight, between New York’s Newark Airport and Singapore Changi, starting October 2018. Novelty aside, it’s an incredibly appealing way to travel with the only direct flight between the two major hubs, utilizing the newest and best jet lag reducing aircraft, the Airbus A350-900ULR. The flight is a unique proposition, offering only premium economy and business class, but even with the newest technology and latest seats, staying fresh on a 19 hour flight requires something more. To leave guests feeling as close to “fresh” as possible, Singapore Air has partnered with legendary wellness group Canyon Ranch to curate special menus, exercises and cabin features, specifically for this epic journey…

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Canyon Ranch is all about 360° wellness, from what goes into your body, to when and how you move it. Singapore Air’s culinary team has partnered with chef’s from Canyon Ranch to offer additional science based menu items for each of the three meals, which are designed to keep you hydrated and nourished from take off to “taxi please”. The meals bring big flavor via helpful digestive and anti inflammatory spices with ingredients, like turmeric, while packing the maximum nutrition to keeping you hydrated and most importantly – not feeling bloated. Talking to the Straits Times, Canyon Ranch CEO Susan E. Docherty said of the menu…

“Food needs to be ‘clean’ and fresh, so nothing that is processed; no sweeteners or additives and no preservatives either. We opt instead for whole grains and proteins – sustainably caught. Our food is hormones and antibiotics free,”

a large room with exercise equipmentBody Routines

Even in a confined space, there’s quite a lot a passenger can do to stay loose and rejuvenate their body on the world’s longest flight. Canyon Ranch’s team of “Wellness Architects” have created a bespoke set of wellness routines for passengers on the ultra long haul flight, all of which can be done while seated. These routines will be available via the KrisWorld entertainment system at each seat. Though we’re quite sure Canyon Ranch and Singapore Air have you covered, we always suggest moving around at least every 5 hours, and perhaps doing some squats or stretches in the galley to keep good blood flow.

a plane flying in the skySleep Science

Singapore and Canyon Ranch have also partnered to optimize the A350’s state of the art lighting systems to help induce sleep and relaxation at the right times to help guests adjust to the full 12 hour time difference between the two cities. Deep shades of orange, yellow and red will flood the cabin, sending signals of sleep to the brain, while special redesigned eye masks and extra pillows will be offered to help keep the good zzzz’s going. You may, *just may* stand a fighting chance of not looking like a zombie when you land. Here’s hoping…

Are you taking the world’s longest flight with Singapore Air?

HT: Straits Times.

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