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Who says budget can’t be brilliant?

It’s hard enough to know where to travel in general, but even more difficult to find a place which offers budget friendly travel which feels anything but. Whatever your budget, travel should always feel rewarding, inspiring and above all “worth it”.

Kayak crunched the numbers and put together a comprehensive list of the most budget friendly U.S. cities which are going for way less than average, based on record low airfare, hotel price drops and great eats which won’t break the bank. Here’s some inspiration to live your best life in 2019 in exciting US cities, for less…

a long straight road with mountains in the backgroundSpoiler alert: Denver is experiencing a budget friendly renaissance and is now 55% cheaper than usual, making it the most trending budget friendly US city this year. That’s cool, because it’s also experiencing a true cultural, tech renaissance with people moving to Denver from all over the world.

Flights from most US cities average under $200 round trip seven months of the year and even high end hotels average around $150 a night. Add in one of the country’s best budding culinary scenes and world’s best brewery scenes and this is a hit for everyone. There are art galleries, museums, pro sports teams and just about everything to keep anyone happy – and you definitely will be. It’s an awesome city. Oh, and there’s Red Rocks, which is only one of the world’s best concert venues.

a pier on a beachBut that’s not the only one! Ft. Myers, Florida was a surprise addition to the list, which includes fantastic detailed average flight and hotel prices in each month. For example: February, March and September are the cheapest months to fly to Ft. Myers, and September is the best month to save on hotels. Rounding out the top 10 list you’ll find: Las Vegas, Boston, Houston, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Myrtle Beach, Salt Lake City and Cleveland.

If any of these cities experiencing newsworthy pricing dips are on your radar, the Kayak guide for each city is a fantastic resource including visuals of prices for hotels and airfare in each month and a curated list of restaurant recommendations from OpenTable. If it was up to us… Denver then Boston then Houston then Vegas, just saying…

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  1. But nature is suffering in and around Denver.
    Now it’s too many people living here and not much natural environment left – instead Denver full of shopping malls and look-alike housing, long rows of high fences that go for miles and miles, and traffic jams on most highways.
    Yes, there are some nice things one can find, but the environmental cost is too high. Rather consider to fly to Colorado Springs for more authentic experience, and closer to the mountain range.

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