There can’t be many elite status tiers where Diamond is anything but awesome. Having hotel status is not just a shiny card to carry in your wallet, it’s guaranteed savings, amenities and comforts to make you feel at ease, at home. Hilton is out with a very generous elite status offer, matching literally every other competitor…if you act quickly.

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The Match

To match you need elite hotel status with any other chain, the higher the better This offer is particularly generous and the status will last through to 2018. If you’re a top tier with another hotel, they will match you all the way to their top tier in this match, up to Diamond! You don’t lose anything with your current hotel program, you keep it, and pick up an additional shiny status, for when Hilton has your best option.

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To Complete The Match

This one is “legit”. They’ve even made a nice bold faced website for you to enter your details, rather than emailing them away to oblivion. The only requirement for this match is that you can show one stay of hotel activity. There’s a chance you could get around it or away with it, if you have high status, but if you’ve stayed somewhere this year, make it easy on yourself, follow the instructions and upload your activity as requested. MATCH HERE.

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Why You Should Do This

Diamonds receive room upgrades, comp’d wifi, free breakfast and many other travel friendly perks which help you unwind while reducing the burden on your wallet. Take advantage of this competitive environment and lock in elite status through 2018, you never know when you might need it.

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