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Talk about spoiled for choice…

Europe is famous around the world as the home of many of the most beloved cuisines. From delicious schnitzel in Germany to delectable spaghetti bolognese in Italy, and of course – beef bourguignon in France, it’s the source of countless feel good favorites. It’s also home to many of the world’s very best restaurants, pushing culinary boundaries, recognized each year by the coveted “Michelin” guide. If you’re looking to see what all the “Michelin starred” fuss is about, these cities will bring you endless choice on your next Euro trip, perhaps without even breaking the bank! And just FYI, three stars is the highest rating on the Michelin guide, but just a single star is a rare, truly exceptional award. You really can’t go wrong, especially if you go for lunch – when they’ll be a lot cheaper!

a city with a tall towerParis

Unsurprisingly, Paris smashes this list out the park with a whopping 106 Michelin Starred restaurants. You will need to make a fair few return trips to try all of these out, and you’ll definitely need to maximize your time at work if you want to pay for them. It’s the birthplace of gastronomy for a reason…

3* – 10

2* – 16

1* – 80

Total = 106


London comes in a solid second place with 70 total restaurants receiving at least one prestigious Michelin Star. If you’re looking for a hot tip, venturing outside of London proper, and discovering a Michelin starred country pub (where you can sleep) may just be the best food experience on earth.

3* – 3

2* – 9

1* – 58

Total = 70


In a word, Barcelona is a city of buzz. From sun up to well past sundown, the energy and flowing drinks make the city infectiously charming. Slowly but surely, many of the world’s best chefs have set up shop in the culture melting pot, and the recipe is a tremendous success.

3* – 2

2* – 4

1* – 18

Total = 24 

a bridge over a river with a large building and a domeRome

Isn’t Italy just a synonym for delicious food and wine? While it’s hard to beat the regional cuisine of the north, Rome’s fresh take on bountiful produce has lead to some stunning results, and with this many Michelin starred restaurants, there’s proof.

3* – 1

2* – 1

1* – 19

Total = 21


Berlin has yet to launch a three starred restaurant, which Michelin deems worth traveling, just to experience, but the vast list of one and two starred options make it a rising star in the European culinary scene.

3* – 0

2* – 6

1* – 14

Total = 20 

bicycles parked on a sidewalk next to a canalAmsterdam

Amsterdam is a strikingly beautiful walking city, with the picturesque canals and an amazing street art scene. In between coffee shop visits, fill up on this fast growing list of world renowned dining. You can always walk it off!

3* – 0

2* – 4

1* – 15

Total = 19 


Any city in France is likely to be overlooked by Paris’ massive 106 Michelin Starred restaurants, but a trip to Lyon will award both the wallet and taste buds. With 14 one starred restaurants, many at fantastic prices, it’s the perfect Paris side trip.

3* – 1

2* – 3

1* – 14

Total = 18 


Brussels just beat out Antwerp to make this list of Michelin hotspots, but both cities will offer wonderful food, drawing from eclectic inspiration and rigorous standards. Plus, you can sample true Belgian Waffles whilst you’re there.

3* – 0

2* – 5

1* – 13

Total = 18 


Madrid is always worth the visit, and the Michelin scene is getting out of hand here. It’s almost as major as the Plaza Mayor. A day of museums and a refined meal, does it get better?

3* – 1

2* – 6

1* – 10

Total = 17 

a large building with a statue in front of itMilan

Chicken milanese, anyone? We don’t have to sell you with the Italian food and wine spiel again. It’s fabulous, you’ll love it. Just go.

3* – 0

2* – 4

1* – 13

Total = 17 


Isn’t it nice to see a Scandinavian city on the list? Copenhagen made the cut, and expect to see more, with Stockholm and Oslo quickly playing catch up!

3* – 1

2* – 2

1* – 12

Total = 15

Check out the full list of restaurants here, so you can start planning accordingly!

Featured image courtesy of Celler Can Roca in Girona, Spain…

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