Hand woven amenity kit? Vintage champagne? Yep. Check. We all like a good deal. For most of us a good deal is an upgrade from economy to premium economy or perhaps a glorious business class seat. Throw all of that away, forget business class, forget even traditional first class. You’re now interested in a “First Apartment” by Etihad. Why?  It’s bookable for less than most people pay for coach!

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American Airlines is running a mileage sale and you care because in the sale you can purchase 40,000 American Airlines “AAdvantage” miles for $885. As your detective senses may have noticed, that’s the exact number of miles required to book the Etihad First Class Apartment aboard the A380 from London to Abu Dhabi or vice versa, one of the few mileage “steals” left in the game. Nifty plane and nifty seat?! I’m in. For anyone interested in traveling to the world of hotels with more than five stars and tennis courts on top of sky scrapers, this is a heck of a way to do it in style. For less than $1800 round trip you could fly one of the most aspirational products ever created, beaten only by Etihad’s own “The Residence” and anyone with a private jet. 

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Details, details. You can purchase the miles utilizing American’s discount pricing HERE. From there you simply need to search availability in either direction on Etihad’s own website. When searching look for “Guest Seat” availability, which indicates seats bookable with American Airlines miles. Availability is surprisingly open and good. Once your availability is in hand, call American Airlines Award ticket desk. They can plug in the dates and select your flight of luxury. You won’t be sorry, especially at this price. Forget business class!

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