Flight reviews are a really cool, new tool of the modern world. People like me take pictures, write witty little quips and share opinions on the seats, the food, the crew, and all things in between. The only problem is that they get a bit dull after a while. Same photos, same tone. Award winning sketch artist Christoph Niemann, an incredible artist whose sketches have been featured on the cover of every important publication including the New York Times and Time, got pencil and pen out to create his own fresh analog twist…

a collage of a drawing of a person's hand

Who hasn’t shared this exact thought? I never win!

a notebook with writing on it

I just hope it was the best one of the bunch…

a sheet of paper with drawings of food

Right?! First rule of flying? You’ll always pick the wrong meal.

a drawing of a banana and a leaning tower

Surely the greatest comparison graph ever created.

a drawing of a hand and buttons

If only! Would there be anyone left on the plane? Who shoots first?!

a woman sitting in a chair

Next time you’re in the airport, don’t fall for that cheap neck pillow!

a drawing of a person sleeping on a chair

Somewhere in between a coma and a terrible meal over the north atlantic…

a drawing of a baby in a cradle

It’s good to be young.

a paper with a pencil drawing

Sheer brilliance. As opposed to?!

a drawing of a book and a foot

And that’s exactly why we need to change the way air flows in the cabin!

a drawing of a pretzel

There’s a lounge for that! It’s endearing nonetheless.

a drawing of food on a paper

I’m always looking for shapes in clouds.

a piece of paper with text and drawings

Is this the greatest, most truthful and most relatable passenger account of all time. Yes. It absolutely is. I just love the tact and creativity, which when combined with Christopher’s ingenious sketches make for a fantastic read. Christoph, if you’re listening, I want to fly with you. And also, I have some tips to save you from flying economy again.

Thanks to reader Francesco for sharing!

HT: Christoph Niemann

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