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What about spending the New Year in Hawaii? As we all know, business class flights from Europe to Hawaii are rarely cheap. They’re like spotting an elusive mountain lion in metropolitan Los Angeles. But from time to time excellent deals pop up, like this gem today.

Not only can you enjoy flat beds on one of the longest, farthest away trips in the world, you can earn elite status — the gift that keeps on giving — from just one trip.

The Flight Deal

Particularly with airfare prices climbing to new heights and giving inflation a run for its money, flight deals are more precious than ever. When they’re to Hawaii, even better.

Oneworld Sapphire

Not only that this is an excellent deal, with just one trip you could obtain BA Silver status (Oneworld Sapphire), if you credit with British Airways. You’ll just want to make sure to have 4 BA operated segments on this trip, or will during your earning year.

You may also fly in BA Club Suite if you route via London Heathrow and Los Angeles.

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BA Club Suite

Travel Dates

Travel dates start in November 2022 and go well into 2023. The flight to Hawaii has to be on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and the flight back home on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

As often with good deals, no one knows how long they will last, so don’t wait too long if you want to book this deal. With travel so up in the air, a series of schedule changes can always prove to be the gift that keeps on giving too, aside from the elite status.

How to Book These Flight Deals

The cheapest fares can be found via OTA’s, links with prices to Momondo below.

£1345 ($1750) Budapest to Honolulu Business class Round Trip

£1345 ($1750) Budapest to Maui Business class Round Trip

Happy deal hunting. And if you’re going to Hawaii, catch up on all the latest travel news and info.

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  1. As mentioned in the comments, booked this deal a few weeks ago and it is confirmed in my BA Exec Club listings. All for under £1500.

  2. Just locked in a booking for Feb 23 at a grand total of £1348. Offset some of this with miles. Club Suite on the way out to LAX however, the older Club Class Seats on the way back which is a shame. Avery enjoyable way for a aviation geek like me to retain silver.

  3. But are you on J flatbed from LAX to Hawaii? Heard it’s Y onwards. Know on AA it’s flat beds via DFW.
    Which airline are you on from Lax?

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