a plate of food on a table

Throughout the world of travel, talks of safety bubbles are everywhere. I dare you to find me a more literal example than the brilliant work of Costes, the Michelin starred Budapest restaurant which is winning the internet today.

With indoor dining barred, or strongly discouraged in most of Europe, the restaurant served a multi course fine dining menu in a series of literal bubbles… on a ferris wheel.

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Image by Ferenc Wilmek from Pixabay

Costes Brings Bubbles To Budapest Dining

Budapest is an extremely underrated city for affordable fine dining, and Michelin Star awarded Costes is making the case, yet again. Plus, even beyond the Tokaj, Hungarian wines, bring immense joy, with extremely good sparkling wine. It’s a must, trust me.

But there’s nothing quite as bubbly as sitting in an actual glass, or maybe acrylic bubble and sipping bubbly, in a private environment while noshing on Michelin starred courses and watching the world, err Budapest go by.

To quell diner fears of shared air and indoor spaces amid the pandemic, the restaurant partnered with the Budapest Eye to take over and run a pop up restaurant. Budapest Eye eye has missed out on tourists for nearly a year thanks to Hungary’s strict covid-19 entry restrictions, so it was a win-win for both businesses.

The Meal Setting

a plate of food on a table

As far as meals go, it just doesn’t get much more private, or more clever than your own literal bubble, even if thousands of onlookers passed by beneath. Budapest is magic from any angle, and when you combine the views and privacy with Michelin starred eats, there’s a lot to love.

Each ferris wheel bubble was setup with elegant tables and disinfected to perfection before service. Guests could wrap up and enjoy the multi course menu with an ever rotating array of views.

In fact, many did. The pop up affair, which is said to reboot many times this year sold out in just over a day, with a price of $155 per person all in. Costes, and its other sister restaurant Costes Downtown were among the very first restaurants in Eastern Europe to earn a Michelin star, and remain in rare company having kept the stars all these years.

A World Of Travel Creativity

Throughout travel, which is always made better by dining experiences, businesses are finding new ways to do business in the modern world.

Hotels are allowing people to use rooms and spaces as an office for the day to escape the distractions of home, airlines are operating flights to nowhere and restaurants are finding new places, ways and means of creating excitement and safety in food.

While there’s plenty of doom and gloom, some of the best things in the next 100 years will be born from ideas launched during these tough times.

I can’t wait to return to Budapest when able, to take part in one of these stunning pop ups. Talk about precision timing from the kitchen, it’s hard to imagine what would happen if a course isn’t delivered in time and the wheel starts going around again.

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