a group of white cars in a parking lot

Well, one of those old and annoying parts of the rental car experience is on its way out, at least with one major rental brand pivoting to “mobility” company.

Hertz just announced an order of 100,000 Tesla Model 3 electric cars, which effectively puts an end to the days of scrambling to fill up with gas before returning the car. At least, not with petroleum.

The bold move sent Tesla stock trending towards the stars, and even created the company’s first trillion dollar valuation. And to celebrate, Hertz decided to spend lots of money to have Tom Brady highlight the good news.

Hertz Buys 100,000 Tesla’s

Hertz isn’t the first rental car company to make aggressive moves with certain models, but it certainly is with electric. In a blockbuster deal, Hertz says it will have 100,000 new Tesla Model 3’s by the end of 2022.

With the move, Hertz instantly becomes the owner of the largest electric vehicle fleet in North America. The company says it sees the progressive move as a way to cut its own emissions while providing a superior rental experience for both business and all personal use.

Tesla’s ever growing network of supercharger ports makes these rentals far more viable than other potential electronic vehicles, and Hertz will undoubtedly use their rental spaces to increase that capacity.

a group of white cars in a parking lot

Better Car Rentals?

When was the last time you were inspired by a US rental car? Other than 2 door vacation mode sports cars, there’s hardly been anything inspiring, or consistent for a very long time.

Tesla Model 3’s are one of the more beloved cars on the market, and with 100,000 available across North America, they could prove to become an incredibly popular option among travelers. Once you know the system, it’s incredibly intuitive.

Bringing added confidence to renters, knowing they could secure a Model 3 in advance of travel could be a massive unique selling point for Hertz, as others flounder.

Sixt has been responsible for pushing better European cars into the US rental market, and Audi’s partnership with SilverCar took an interesting twist, but a Tesla as standard is very compelling, with the ease of use and scale the Hertz provides. Renting a car in the US might not suck, by the end of next year!

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