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Whenever a travel rewards credit card has 100,000 points on the table, it’s worth a discussion. 100,000 Points can unlock fantastic travel experiences, from up to 10 short domestic journeys to a splash out business class extravaganza across an ocean.

Right now, United has a whopping 100,000 point bonus on the United Club Infinite Card, and an impressive 60,000 Points on the lower fee United Explorer Card.

Each card pack perks which can make the cards worthwhile on their own for some, but totally useless for others, so here’s what you need to know…

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100,000 Point Welcome Bonus On United Club Infinite Card

Chase is pushing the $525 annual fee United Club Infinite card out with a huge, six figure welcome bonus. 100,000 United Airlines Mileage Plus Miles are up for grabs after $5,000 in spending within the first three months, and the annual fee is not waived.

Unfortunately, the key benefit of the card – lounge access – isn’t as worthwhile right now as it might usually be, but in some ways the other key benefits may become more valuable as travel recovers, or if you value time savings in transit in the interim.

Namely, the card offers United Premier Access. This means on each journey with United and partners, you’ll enjoy…

  • Premier Check In Lanes
  • Premier Security Access
  • Premier Priority Boarding
  • Premier Priority Baggage Handling

With people trying to spend as little time in airports as possible, these sorts of time and crowd sparing elements can be useful. With United Club Lounges opening back up, it’s nice to have access, even if just to enjoy quieter and more controlled facilities while waiting, not to mention a glass of wine to ease the nerves, can also be useful.

For many, what the equation comes down to – is money. The card carries a $525 annual fee, and while the travel benefits can go a long way towards justifying the fee for frequent flyers, very few people are frequently flying right now.

Chase Sapphire Preferred And Chase Freedom

There are also many no annual fee cards offering attractive bonuses right now as well, such as Chase Freedom, offering $200 back from just $500 in spending, with no annual fee. For those who don’t wish or plan to return to travel in the next year or two, cash back may be more lucrative than miles.

However, United is presently selling 100,000 miles for circa $1700 via their 100% Bonus Miles Sale, so you’re effectively getting at least $1700 worth of points, and arguably a lot more, for the commitment of a first year annual fee of $525, and any travel benefits consumed will help better the value.

For people with too many United Miles to spend, the Chase United Club Infinite Card probably isn’t a good idea, but for those creating a war chest of points for when travel safely returns, and luxurious cabins return to their full glory, there’s a lot to love.

Ultimately, 100,000 United MileagePlus Miles could bring some fantastic travel. It’s just up to you whether miles for future travel, or better cash back in your pocket today make more sense.

You can check out the Chase United Club Infinite Card here.

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  1. Nice article. Was kinda wondering the same getting spammed by these chase ads. Also don’t forget it also gives access to XN fare buckets on domestic legs which is very helpful for me. Altho so do the cheaper flavors of this card

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