I’ll give you a hint “Club World” doesn’t stop when you get off the plane. Still not quite there? It’s a city drenched in sun, sandy beaches, english as a second language, top hotels, clubs, celebrities and it’s about to get the glorious big bird of the skies, the A380. British Airways is adding the behemoth jet to one of the most popular leisure destinations of all. 

a group of people standing in front of a large airplane

Welcome to Miami, bienvenidos a Miami. As Will Smith once so cleverly penned in his hit song about Miami, “party in the city where the heat is on”. Indeed, the city which I am personally happy to remain at least 1000 miles away from has been unveiled as British Airways newest destination for world dominance. In fact, you can fly the A380 from London to Miami starting this Sunday, October 25th! What’s intriguing about this move is that leisure destinations, such as Miami, often get the old clunkers. In my opinion this signals a strong investment in Florida and most specifically the competitive Miami market with the airline bringing it’s flagship product to the sunny skies. Starting Sunday you’ll be able to experience the A380 on flight 209 Departing Heathrow at 1:35PM in the afternoon and returning flight 208 departing Miami at 10:00PM in the evening. 

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a large airplane on the runway

Here’s another positive you may have not considered. Bigger planes mean more seats, which in turn mean more award space availability. If you’ve been struggling to snag a seat on the old 747’s currently serving Miami there’s a great chance that you’ll do better going forward, especially if you act in the near future. Have you flown Club World in the A380? I’ll be giving it a spin on my way home from London for Christmas! 

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