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Starting at £28, there’s something for everyone…

From short, cheap and cheerful Euro trips, to the epitome of luxury in long haul Boeing 747 first class, British Airways new “Dream Ticket” sale offers a unique twist on the traditional airline sale. It’s not just one destination, or one cabin, but a mix of deals between London and places all over the globe. By now, you know that airlines say “sale” almost 365 days a year, but we’ve parsed through all the offers, to bring you the best of the deals to be found. And there are some steals…

a colorful tiled rooftops with Park Güell in the backgroundEuropean Flight + Hotel Deals

The best way to save on travel within Europe is to combine flight and hotel packages. Airlines are so eager to earn all your holiday bucks, they’ll practically give you the flights for free if you book both together. British Airways “dream flights” sale is a perfect example, with great offers for two people booking and sharing a room. If you’re flying solo, there are still solo travel deals, like £28 flights to France, which you can find here. But if you’re booking for two…

£97 p.p. for flights + 2 nights hotel in Nice, France.

£157 p.p. for flights + 7 nights hotel in Algarve, Portugal.

£97 p.p. for flights + 2 nights hotel in Barcelona, Spain.

£199 p.p. for flights + 7 nights hotel in Mallorca (Palma), Spain.

30 Rockefeller Plaza skyline at sunsetLong Haul Flight + Hotel Deals

£359 p.p for flights + 2 nights hotel in Dubai, UAE.

£572 p.p. for flights + 4 nights hotel in Hong Kong.

£822 p.p. for flights + 4 nights hotel in Sydney, Australia.

$699 and up for U.S. to Europe deals with flights + 5nights hotels.

the inside of a plane£2000 British Airways First Class to Cape Town

Ok, to be fair, it’s still pricey, but considering people regularly pay almost £1000 for economy round trip to Cape Town, £2000 per person for a three cabin jump up to First Class, where you’ll find £129 a bottle champagne is very tempting. British Airways is offering a 2 for 1, bringing First Class to one of the most sought after destinations for £4000 all in for two, or £2060 for one. It’s a lot of money, but it’s a lot of comfort, if you can swing it. These deals are available in January, February or March of 2019, which is the perfect season in Cape Town. You can book here.

Where are you jetting off to?

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  1. For a comfortable journey and flight attendants that treat you with respect, don’t travel with British Airways.

  2. Um…it’s January, February or March, 2019, yes?

    In any event, yes, having been there at that time of year, Cape Town is an amazing, breathtaking city, that I’ve been to twice, and can’t wait to get back to again!

    Easily one of my favorite places in the world!

  3. @Bob,

    For these fares, and the nonstop LHR flights, however diminished “Bloody Awful 2.0” now is versus its heyday as the “World’s Favourite Airline”, it’s still a great deal!

    Those who value “white glove” service in First, can still take connecting flights on Emirates via DXB, or perhaps Qatar via its hub.

    But, even with its vastly diminished service, F seats in the very exclusive nose section of a Boeing 747 is an experience in itself that is quite unlike any other!

    And for those who’s bank accounts will never be sufficient to cover any of the ME3 airlines’ First class suites, private cabins, etc., a very good argument can be made that at these fares, a fantasy trip in First class on BA for the trip of a lifetime for those who can afford these discounted fares is not just worth considering, but they would be remiss to NOT do it if they can!

    “Bad” as it may be to seasoned flyers when compared to its legendary past during the 1990s or a decade ago, we should all be so lucky to be able to fly roundtrip in BA First aboard a Boeing 747!

    In fact, my first international flight in June, 1981 when I was a travel agent was in BA First on a 747 when BA was still state owned, and “BA” was then better known as (the original iteration of) “Bloody Awful” – which was the first leg of the itinerary that brought me to South Africa the first time I went there.

    And as “Awful” as BA was alleged to have been, or even as it may have been when compared to the exceptional airline it became after its privatization and the miraculous transformation led by Sir Colin Marshall and Lord King (that, alas, is now but a distant memory after successive product degradations under the current CEO, and his immediate predecessor who now heads BA’s IAG parent), that flight in BA First remains one of the most memorable flights ever taken.

    Sure, the inflight catering was long ago forgotten, especially when compared to flights aboard South African Airways & Swissair’s then exceptional First class inflight meals in First class (think: Singapore Airlines or ME3 in First of today as a comparison), but the BA crew on that flight was incredible – topped only by the invitation to watch the sun rise heading east of the Atlantic from inside the flight deck chatting with the (then three) crew…all while in the one-of-a-kind and still unmatched experience that truly is FIRST CLASS in itself that is the nose section of a Boeing 747!

    If ome has been lucky enough to experience that, and I have on several airlines: BA, American (LAX-JFK) when it had 747s; South African Airways, Swissair, and Northwest (now Delta), then they know just how incdedible and special flying can be!

    There’s nothing like it. And for those who’ve never had a chance to experience that yet, my recommendation would be to RUN as fast as you can to book these seats if you can at these fares because as we all know, barring a sudden miracle, the “Queen of the Skies” days are numbered…

    …and trust me, especially in First class in the very private nose section of a 747, NOTHING beats Her Majesty, the Queen!


    1. @Howard – As a millennial, I’ve to say I’m quite jealous of people who have flown the old BA – I’ve heard a lot, like this comment of yours!

      I spent all of last year doing weekly commutes LHR-YYZ but after three flights on Club World (including on creaking 747 upstairs), gave up on BA and moved to Air Canada… And since then all work and leisure has been Star Alliance and/or no alliance (EK / VS).

      So guess I’ll just have to file away the “good BA experience” as one of those things that just are no longer available to my generation, like the concorde…

  4. I’ve been waiting for years for a decent lie flat offer to South Africa and I snapped this one up.

    CPT is precisely where I want to arrive and depart from. Stay as long as 80+ days. Reasonable change penalty.

    It was effortless booking this on Chase’s booking engine, using their points for part payment.

    Club World was good enough for me in the past using points, so let’s see if paid First is any better!

  5. I flew twice Cape Town direct .aweful first time seat was broken so had 12 hours with someone almost on my lap they would not move me yet acknowledged seat was broken . Again cramped flight no entertainment system working . It is worth taking an extra six hours via mid east for decent services

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