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Should you stay or should you go?

The rush, the thrill and the sheer excitement of a ridiculously good deal are sometimes too much to handle. And after you’ve booked, things can be even worse. When you’ve taken advantage of one of the best deals of the year, the “hangover” feeling lingers as you look at prices for future plans. But with that said, there are still excellent deals to be had, which can save hundreds if not thousands versus standard prices. We’re holding out hope for a mega sale, but if you need to book something sooner than later, these deals are your best bet…

a row of seats in an airplane£1665 Stockholm To Melbourne With Etihad

Melbourne is quite a journey from virtually anywhere in Europe. If you can start in Stockholm, you can enjoy round trip business on Etihad, with either Air Baltic, Lufthansa or SAS supplying the short haul segment to feed you to an Etihad city. You’ll go via Abu Dhabi and enjoy 787 business studio and even have the potential to route back via London on the A380.

Dates: Late October 2018 thru January 2019.

Book: Book direct with Etihad here. Google Flights example here.

a bed in a plane£1223 Stockholm To Krabi, Thailand With Qatar

Stockholm, again! We’d hope Qatar will launch another great sale in the coming weeks, but in the event that they don’t it’s worth highlighting this fare, which is technically from the current Qatar “global” sale, even if it doesn’t feel like much of one! £1223 for round trip business class is fantastic, especially with Qatar’s award winning service.

Dates: October 2018 thru March 2019.

Book: Book direct with Qatar here. Google Flights example here.

a table with a tablet on it£1400 London To Hong Kong With Lufthansa Or Swiss

Lufthansa and Swiss continue their all out assault on the UK travel market with £1400 round trip business class to one of the UK’s most popular destinations. Lufthansa recently changed their policy to allow even the lowest business class tickets to be upgraded, so this could be a neat opportunity to check out one of the best first class seats, if business isn’t fancy enough for you. Swiss also flies their new Boeing 777 on this route, which is a fantastic ride…

The Dates: Late November thru May 2019, cheapest from December thru February.

Book: Book direct with Lufthansa or Swiss here. Google Flights example here.

a bed with pillows and a purse on it£1215 Luxembourg to Shanghai With British Airways

Shanghai, anyone? British Airways is offering low fares from Luxembourg to Shanghai, which makes the 11+ hour journey each way a whole lot nicer. At the moment, these are the lowest deals for travel from Europe to Shanghai, and is about the same price others are charging for Premium economy, with one exception.

Dates: September 2018 thru June 2019.

Book: Book direct with British Airways here. Google Flights example here.


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  1. Swiss business is very tight in footwells and in distance from your seat to the screens in front. Hard to turn in your sleep. Not recommended.

    BA business at 8 abreast is a joke !

  2. It’s kind of funny, while BA is not the prettiest business class, it happens to be the cabin where I consistently get the best sleep for some reason, even tho I’ve flown many times in much nicer business and first cabins. Go figure

  3. I never felt comfortable in BA’s businesses class, or what they call Club World. In addition, BA staff are very uncooperative.
    I missed a flight from London Heathrow to Dubai although I was at the gate on time; the excuse which I was given that (the gate was a buss gate) I.e. passengers have to take a buss to the aircraft, which requires more time. But no one told us that and there were no announcements.
    Had to buy another ticket and wait 12 hours in the airport.
    Will never use BA in my life.

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