Because after a kick in the nether regions, everyone enjoys a punch in the gut, British Airways has decided to trial a new boarding system. You may even be lucky enough to try it over the next few weeks! Airlines have never trialled congo lines for boarding, because they don’t actually trial things they don’t think might help. British Airways clearly think they have a potential answer for the boarding process…

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Rather than offer first, business or elite fliers, you know, the Bronze, Silver and Gold British Airways road warriors priority boarding as a recognition of their loyalty, British Airways have decided to trial boarding by row. Back to front. For a limited time (for now), British Airways will board select flights from the rear of the airplane forward, with no pre-boarding for elite or premium cabin passengers. The optimist in me says more time for drinks in the lounge, the pessimist in me sees British Airways most loyal fliers standing in line looking like they have just been punched in the gut and nether regions only to find that upon boarding there are no overhead bins left. Boarding will indeed begin with the last row of the plane and progress to the front of the plane. No consideration for anything other than row. You see on Ryanair or equivalent I would say, fair enough, there is no loyalty, this is just cheap and I will take what I’m given. In the competitive, more expensive, legacy airline market we live in, telling me to wait in line regardless of my loyalty or fare is very, very dumb.

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Frequent flier changes occur regardless of program and though BA’s changes are among the most unfriendly to date for a frequent flier program, it’s part of the game. Those little airport perks I enjoy like pre-boarding though, are you kidding me? Don’t touch. As always, I strongly encourage you to contact BA in any form and let them know of your displeasure, unless of course you have the last row on the plane and you now travel like a rockstar. 

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