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For those willing to put a bit of faith out there, there are some serious flight deals returning to the atmosphere. Today, that comes in the form of sub £1000 round trips to the West Coast of the USA from easy to reach areas of Europe, and sub £800 trips to East Coast joys like Washington DC.

If you have a US passport or permanent residence, these are almost a no brainer, but even if you don’t, availability well into the end of 2021and into 2022 makes them a very tempting treat. A business class seat (and bed) really go a long way on a long (10 hour) flight.

delta one suites

The Flight Deals

SkyTeam is aggressively pushing into Helsinki, where Finnair and a few other Oneworld airlines have long dominated. They’re doing it in the passenger favorite way, with hot flight deals.

From just £878 round trip (under €950), you can jet off to the West Coast of the USA to cities like Los Angeles. If the East Coast is calling, just £797 can get it done. The lowest prices are out of Helsinki, but Madrid also has super compelling offers, as does Paris.

The Dates You Can Travel

These deals are available for extremely near term travel in August, but go all the way through to April 2022. If we’re not traveling freely by then, flight cancellations will be the least of our worries.

For the most part, you’ll need to make a trip of at least 6 nights to pull up the lowest deals. Google Flights is your friend here. Longer stays are totally fine.

How To Book These Flights

There are a bunch of different deals and offers going on here, but we’ve wrangled a few Google Flights links together to get you started and finding the best deals while they last. Just change the dates to things that might work for you, and get to it.

Should you book? That’s on you! Countries are opening up to vaccinated travelers and there’s lots of positivity that travel will continue to slowly rebound. If these deals are just what you’ve been looking for, they’re unlikely to last long, but if it’s too early to commit, something decent should always be along in short order.

If you (really) try and can’t find prices using the links above, or by switching dates, it’s likely these have dried up.

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