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Greece is the dream this summer, and with announcements of travel opening from June 15th, 2020 now is the time to book. There’s just a few problems. First, flights to Greece in peak summer might as well usually be Mars, because their so expensive, you just can’t go. Second, there’s currently government advice in place not to travel, which makes spending cash fairly risky.

But if you could use British Airways Avios, and have the ability to cancel fro next to nothing if necessary, it becomes a much happier proposition, and one you should take advantage of while it’s there, just in case…

a white buildings with boats in the waterAmazing Avios Availability To Greece

Santorini and Mykonos are typically impossible to book using points in summer, but right now there’s superb Avios availability to either island. This gives travelers an opportunity to use miles between London and either destination, and cancel for just £1-£35 if needed, closer to time, with a full refund of the Avios.

For those looking from further afield, availability is pretty great between outside gateways and London right now as well, meaning it should be easy to pair a New York to London flight with this great availability from London to Greece.

How good are we talking? Here’s availability for two passengers, courtesy of s for travel to Santorini and Mykonos. Grey means economy available, Green means business class available. Obviously, being solo you’d find even better availability.

Here’s London – Santorini for two. Lef column is outbound, right is return..

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And here’s London – Mykonos for two. Left column is outbound, right is return…

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How To Book These Flights With British Airways Avios

You can book these flights with British Airways Avios Points using the BA mobile app, or at British Airways website, by logging into your account and choosing “Book a Flight with Avios”. It’s best to leave LON as the departure point, rather than selecting a specific airport like LHR, since it’s more likely to help return the result you are looking for.

Obviously, there’s a chance Greece may turn its nose up at UK travelers, despite letting the rest of Europe in, but it’s unlikely to be the case. If it is, you’ve wagered between £1-£35 depending on the cancellation terms, on flights which could cost hundreds per person on future news. Since you’d get your Avios back if you cancel in advance, it’s a small price to pay for a bet on a great vacation, which may of course go through as planned!

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