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Traveling anywhere is exciting, but the transit experience can quickly become very stale. Most airline seats look the same, the boarding experience is pretty much the same and the journey is rarely part of the fun. But a few airlines have carved out a signature piece of their home turf, to remind customers they couldn’t be flying with any other airline. Here are a few of the coolest things you’ll find served in every cabin, on these unique airlines…

Copyright: Andy Luten of AndysTravelBlog.com

Singapore Air – Singapore Slings

Too sweet for some, just right for others – and always potent enough to settle down for a long flight. Singapore Air serves complimentary Singapore Slings in all cabin classes. This temptingly boozy cocktail was made famous in the city with its namesake in the early 1900’s and is still going strong in the skies.

Hawaiian – Hawaiian Coffee

If you’ve ever taken a delicious sip of coffee only to discover it was some from Hawaii, you’re not alone. Kona and Hawaii at large is famous for some of the worlds finest coffee plantations. If you’re looking for a decent cup in economy, you won’t find one better than Hawaiian.

Air France – Champagne

While some airlines struggle to serve champagne in business class, Air France serves it in every single long haul cabin – for free. Air France invests more than almost any other airline in their food and beverage program, and there’s no doubt economy customers adore some nice bubbles just as much as those flying up front.

Aeromexico – Tequila

Mexico and tequila go together like Switzerland and chocolate – more on that. Aeromexico offers complimentary tequila in all cabin classes, celebrating the national spirit. And we’re talking good tequila too. If you’re looking to make your own margarita, perhaps look into one of the flying cocktail kits!

Swiss – Swiss Chocolate

Even on the shortest of regional flights, Swiss still manages to remind customers who they’re flying with. Truly delicious little bars of Swiss chocolate are handed out in all cabins on all flights, making it one of the very best airlines in the world for a substantial sweet tooth.

Virgin Atlantic – Afternoon Tea

If you’re not familiar with the quintessential British tradition of afternoon tea, you may not know that it involves delicious sandwiches, pastries and dessert snacks – in addition to tea. Virgin Atlantic has collaborated with master pâtissier Eric Lanlard to create bespoke afternoon tea menus for guests on day flights in all cabins. You’ll feel very, very British. 

Delta – Local MicroBrews

Delta has arguably the most sophisticated beer program of any airline. For years, Delta has partnered with small microbreweries such as SweetWater from their hometown of Atlanta, as well as regional breweries around their hubs to offer some of the best beer in the sky.

ANA – Japanese Sake

Sake to me. Sorry, had to. ANA proudly serves Ichinokura sake from the Miyagi prefecture. There’s nothing that says we’re headed to Japan like a lovely glass of dry sake. ANA is truly on top of their game with this one, and you’ll find spectacular Japanese tea as well.

What’s your favorite?

Featured image courtesy of Andy Luten – Andystravelblog.com

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